Jaguar Labs: Robust CMMi Process for Agile Application Development

Genaro A. Fernández Founder, President, & CEO
Enterprise web applications are becoming imperative for the success and growth strategy of any business. As technology advances, organizations are implementing scalable, component-based, distributed, and mission critical enterprise web applications to achieve unparalleled functionalities and enhance business process. Now organizations are implementing custom developed web applications to streamline business process. “Web development companies look to satisfy the needs of their clients in different ways—the cost, quality, on time development, and effectiveness of solutions,” begins Genaro A. Fernández, Founder, CEO, and President, Jaguar Labs. Mexico-based Jaguar Labs is an innovative company that focuses on creating web and mobile applications delivering efficiency to its clients. “At Jaguar Labs, we count on our level 4 CMMi Certification recognized internationally which demonstrates the maturity of the processes followed and the quality of the solutions and applications developed,” he adds.

The company provides high quality development solutions delivered on time. “At Jaguar Labs, we offer development services with high standards that allow customers to obtain important advantages over their competitors along with the benefit of similar time zones and cultural values,” states Fernández.

Jaguar Labs offers Enterprise Web and Mobile Device applications helping business make better decisions, improve their processes, and have information at their fingertips 24/7 anywhere. “We also focus in helping clients improve their promotions, sales, marketing and branding by providing latest and innovative ways to position, communicate and sell their products, solutions and services,” says Fernández.

The company offers software consulting services through an innovative methodology called ’Active Action’. “This methodology allows us to understand the current processes that our clients follow. In understanding, defining and prioritizing their needs, we are able to later conceptualize, create, design, and plan side by side with our client the best possible solution,” states Fernández. The Active Action methodology has a 15-day duration—PreDay, Intensive Day, and Post Day; in which Jaguar’s consultants lead a client through these stages in order to find the best solution.

Jaguar Labs has a specialized development team for Front End solutions that allows compatibility of web platforms in mobile devices

Through this methodology, Jaguar Labs understands important and relevant customer needs and identifies their unique necessities while creating a solution. “We also take advantage of a Near Shore model providing timely communication with our clients,” he adds.

Jaguar Labs has a specialized development team for Front End solutions that allows compatibility of web platforms in mobile devices. The company understands the need of extending the capabilities of web platforms to a native mobile ambiance.

The company flaunts a horizontal and hands on accountable management culture and unique use of SCRUM and CMMi4 process methodologies that ensure agility and timeliness. Jaguar Labs differentiates itself with its competitive pricing, culture and philosophy. The company follows the principles of a Conscious Capitalism and embraces defined values; customer satisfaction, work-life balance, excellence, trust, and innovation. “We invest heavily in training, trade shows, and conferences to stay up to date and provide our customers with the latest and most innovative solutions,” says Fernández. For instance, Jaguar Labs has developed an enterprise web platform system for Arrendamas, a finance company in Mexico for entrepreneurs, small, and medium sized businesses. The objective of this web platform is to automatize a major part of the company’s operations, improving processes and administration of accounts. This system has decreased human error by 90-95 percent on a day-to-day basis.

“In 2016, we expect to grow by 20-35 percent and will be increasing our sales coverage in the U.S. beyond the Southwest Region, and Mexico,” concludes Fernández. The company also plans to offer Web Enterprise and Mobile state of the art applications in the Proximity arena.

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Genaro A. Fernández Founder, President, & CEO

An innovative company that offers a full-service custom software and mobile application development with an extensive set of competencies to meet client needs

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