Jahia Solutions: Game Changers for Enterprise Application Convergence

Emmanuel Garcin, VP and GM Americas
Static web pages of yester years have given way to fully dynamic web applications.The market is galore with Web Content Management (WCM) solution providers and the mature decision makers base their opinion on more autonomy, agility and convergence in using the various technologies. “We provide an open source alternative to proprietary software for projects combining web with portals and business application integration,” says Emmanuel Garcin, VP & GM Americas, Jahia Solutions.

With American HQ located in Washington, DC, Jahia’s offering is a Java open source content platform that brings a unique modularity to the Java development arena. It is the tool of choice for building innovative user experiences for virtually any type of web application at a fraction of the cost of competing solutions. The entire focus is on making the software as agile as possible to trump over functionality. Though Jahia has encompassed all the functionalities needed for today’s online projects, the differentiator is in equipping the customer to develop the next generation applications with ease.

Jahia’s digital industrialization vision ends the “tunnel effect” that stops many mission critical digital projects from proceeding successfully through two game-changing capabilities. Garcin, says, “The new Jahia Studio enables IT and marketing to collaboratively and iteratively build business solutions and the new Jahia Private App Stores makes secure deployment and broadcasting of modules and apps throughout the organization avoiding duplicate developments that meet similar needs.”

"The open source content platform ends the "tunnel effect" through two game-changing capabilities"

As new functionalities get created everyday on the web, discovering issues at a later stage can lead to the project’s failure. Both technical and business teams can collaborate to build the user experience building process, while it is defined in the Studio. This can bring in iterative changes based on continuous feedback putting an end to the tunnel effect era.

Jahia Digital Factory leverages the open source content platform to combine WCM, Document Management System (DMS) and Portal with a unified business friendly interface. Jahia Workspace Factory is the social and collaborative document sharing solution for marketing and business teams. The company’s Portal Factory (soon to be released) combines a new powerful data aggregation technology and the eCommerce Factory(soon to be released) interoperates with a new open source eCommerce framework: MogoBiz from Jahia’s strategic partner Ebiznext.

Jahia’s software platform supports governments, insurance, banks,financial sectors and utilities that benefit from the flexible and solid frameworks of the platform which are mandatory and mission critical for these sectors. Jahia’s illustrious client roster has the European Parliament, Abercrombie and Fitch, HomeAway,General Motors, Ben & Jerry’s, the French government and the United Nations.Further accolades are in the 90 percent renewal rate of the customers across the globe. Austin-based HomeAway, one of Jahia’s loyal clients is the online marketplace for vacation rentals throughout 168 countries.HomeAway, has selected the Enterprise Jahia CMS to manage 15 different websites in 14 different languages. Dale Churchett,HomeAway’s senior architect says, “We chose Jahia for its ease of use and its combination of performance and scalability, and their dedication to support.”Henceforth Jahia’s future versions are to include new Portal Factory and eCommerce Factory products, advanced web marketing capabilities, more platform management capabilities, and new connectors and ergonomics tools.


Wahington, D.C.

Emmanuel Garcin, VP and GM Americas

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