Jahia Solutions: Transforming Siloed Industries to be More User-Driven

Enterprises of all sizes and stages of business development are gradually adopting Open Source Software (OSS) for technological innovation and revamping their existing IT systems and functionalities. The majority of large technology companies are becoming more active with OSS as developers empower firms seeking effective, flexible, and affordable solutions. OSS brings employees, vendors, and content authors together to share creative ideas, collaborate, and create a global community for everyone to work together.

However, as developers contribute more code and development solutions, there arises a need to establish guidelines to maintain data privacy. In order to address this issue, Jahia Solutions Group SA (Jahia Solutions) has staged itself as an open source User Experience Platform (UXP) vendor spearheading ethical Web Experience Management (WEM). “We support software vendors, organizations and communities in using an open, agreed-upon and community-enriched engine to collect and share user context data,” says Elie Auvray, CEO and Co-Founder, Jahia Solutions.

Digital Factory, Jahia’s flag¬ship product, allows users to manipulate any type of content, assemble full-fledged sites and socially engage visitors through personalization. The instance enables developers to have the stability, security, and expandability to re-use modules and business applications via the Private App Store. This increases the return on investment (ROI) of these projects. “Digital Factory ensures ultimate agility for global, multi-lingual, and multi-currency organizations,” adds Auvray.

We support software vendors, organizations and communities in using an open, agreed-upon and community-enriched engine to collect and share user context data

Jahia also offers other ‘factories’- Workspace, Form, Portal, Commerce and Marketing—which can be accessed from Digital Factory with an ability to extend it through clients’ integration connectors and tailored applications. “This is the difference between a true UPX vs. an off-the-shelf product,” explains Auvray.
Elie Auvray, CEO & Co-Founder
Digital Factory provides a unified interface with great capacity and real-time data for non-technical users. The platform centralizes and leverages content and business apps, along with device and personal contextualization. “Jahia is a true UXP because it meets user requirements and makes it easy for them to get what they want, at any time,” states Auvray.

“As an open source company, our development roadmap depends not only on technology but also on the proximity with our customers,” says Auvray. Highlighting a case study, Europcar—a global car rental organization serving six million drivers in more than 140 countries—maintained 15 different websites in 21 languages but found their internal Content Management System (CMS) was not scalable. They reached out to Jahia to address their CMS issue, guide their users more simply to avoid errors and ensure a short migration. Further¬more, Europcar desired their sites to be always content-current. “We were able to develop dedicated components and help Europcar embed apps into pages, as well as mash-up Jahia templates and the booking pod by using ESIGate, a webapp integration tool,” says Auvray. As a result, Europcar rolled out 15 websites in multiple languages in just two days to meet all their goals.

Similarly, the National Governors Association’s (NGA) previous website had several problems including instability and low performance. Jahia redesigned and reorganized all the existing content and enabled the site to run flawlessly without downtime. NGA now focuses their IT on the actual website, rather than stabilizing the system and tedious server administration.

“In the next few months, we are releasing two products—Commerce Factory and Marketing Factory,” reveals Auvray. The company is focusing on expanding its customer base in the U.S. while also making further inroads in the European market. “We will be enhancing Jahia’s presence and capabilities by deepening our relationships with our vendor partners and participating in several industry events,” confirms Auvray.

Jahia Solutions

Geneva, Switzerland

Elie Auvray, CEO & Co-Founder

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