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Scott Roth, CEO
As people with different skill sets and perspectives work toward a common goal, companies require to efficiently manage all moving parts, goals, and personnel within the organization. Focusing on quality, safety, and regulatory compliance, “Jama offers tools that help simplify processes, meet regulations, and out-innovate competitors,” says Scott Roth, CEO of Jama Software. Focused on delivering competitive solutions for various industries, Portland-based Jama Software offers a highly configurable product development platform—to effectively capture, define, and execute against customer requirements. By transforming data into actionable and traceable knowledge, Jama enables organizations to keep pace with the increasing complexity of integrated hardware and software systems, resulting in a faster time to market.

With ample of products available to manage product development lifecycles, most organizations fail to address the growing complexity with futuristic innovations. As contemporary systems get complicated and software-driven, Jama connects teams and data, eliminating silos and enabling the workforce to stay aligned throughout the entire product lifecycle. With features like critical baselines, real-time collaboration, and traceability, Jama provides transparency across the organization and drives efficiency at scale while ensuring on time and on budget delivery of products. Impact analysis and suspect links options ensure understanding the impact of change, reducing unnecessary rework and preventing the introduction of defects.

By using Jama’s tools, organizations can connect information and people within the solution, have the right visibility at the right time—enabling them to trace the problem areas in production using real-time data and protect the organization and their users from adverse outcomes. The firm also helps in validating any changes in the production process by enabling coordination between stakeholders, engineers, partners, data, and decisions. Jama shows the connections between regulations, requirements, and tests that help in determining the impact of change. Jama’s new Tasktop Integration Hub seamlessly collaborates with 3rd party developer tools like JIRA, TFS, and HPQC to store all product information in one central repository, with real-time data sync—to enhance the functionality for enterprise user management, testing and custom reporting.

Jama offers tools that help simplify processes, meet regulations, and out-innovate competitors

In an implementation highlight, Jama helped in simplifying complex workflows when NASA, as a customer, needed visibility into SpaceX’s progress in developing most advanced rockets and spacecraft to ensure key requirements were being met. Prior to using Jama, SpaceX did not have an easy way to share quick status reports on requirements verification. SpaceX had to implement complex macros to pull information from Microsoft Excel into Word documents to create specific reports. SpaceX implemented Jama to share real-time information with NASA for their review and approval by developing new ways to simplify requirements management, improve visibility and customer communication, and create an efficient, paperless product delivery process. Using Jama’s Review Center, SpaceX shared and collaborated on requirements with their clients, as well as internally within their engineering teams, ensuring that requirements are captured accurately and executed according to expectation. Adopting Jama’s Enterprise Reuse capabilities, SpaceX created common assets and used those to support parallel development efforts, allowing them to maintain all the common requirements in a centralized location.

With a major update and feature enhancements to its flagship product, Jama 8.14 is evolving the way traceability can be used in the product development process by giving product development teams the real-time ability to see the upstream and downstream impact of their decisions. Roth envisions, “Our customers are future-focused on improving lives, launching satellites and building breakthrough robotics; and Jama is focused on getting them there faster.”

Jama Software

Portland, OR

Scott Roth, CEO

Provides modern requirements management and product development solutions that streamline and simplify complex product development