James Imaging Systems: Optimizing Print Management Strategies

Tom Tegeder, President, Bob Bingham, General Manager
The real focus in managed print solutions is to quantify the unknown spend on the document output,” weighs in Bob Bingham, Senior Document Output Consultant, James Imaging Systems as he begins to explain about their team walking into Westbury Bank to conduct a free print cost analysis. Within each of the 11 locations of the bank, the team carried out a radical analysis to determine the location of each device, gauge the print volume of each one of them, and analyze the total print cost. With relevant data in place, James Imaging proposed a strategy for the bank’s printer fleet that not only brought down their print cost but also amplified their IT personnel man-hour efficiency. “The unique differentiator for us is our ability to thoroughly analyze clients’ printing infrastructure and inventory, encompassing the fax machines, copiers, printers, and come up with an effective plan to bring visibility and transparency into their document output spend,” says Tom Tegeder, President, James Imaging Systems.

The accurate data related to printing needs remains localized to the various departments in an enterprise which makes it difficult for a firm to keep the printing cost in check. James Imaging brings to the table a deep understanding of several key verticals that it supports, and makes accurate suggestions to improve business workflow. The company takes a 360-degree view of the various printing needs and the IT setup across the operations, inventory, IT support, and security, and creates a better workflow for its clients. “All this is done through the recommendations based on our 90 days value-added evaluation, post which, we hand over the control to our client to manage their print fleet,” says Bingham. “Apart from providing the analysis of the total cost saved, we support them to preplan printing budget and further reduce spend. In most cases, we have been able to reduce the spend by 40 percent.” By building a strong association with the client, James Imaging not only achieves device accountability but also implements rules-based printing based on each end user’s printing needs to establish end-user accountability.

We develop a strategy that seamlessly aligns the roadmap for the organization, widening their workflow efficiencies without interfering with anybody’s current workload

With an aim to maximize the utilization of the printing inventory—such as toners and cartridges—and reduce the downtime, the expert team at James Imaging has built an overlay, automated fulfillment program, which integrates with the client’s systems. The program provides a dual projection in terms of percentage and time that a product such as toner or cartridge would last, drastically reducing the downtime and unnecessary backup supplies.

What is more, the company’s automatic data collection software, FMAudit, liberates clients from manually submitting their monthly meter usage data. A team of dedicated workforce continuously monitors the software to replace the devices that are falling off the network and collects meter data for billing accuracy, leaving no room for downtime incidents.
On the security and compliance front, while their rule-based printing solution generates 18 to 22 percent sustainable reduction in print volume, their recent partnership with HP allows them to offer HP’s integrity bios detection system that runs real-time intrusion detection and performs whitelisting.

With unique print cost optimizing strategies and solutions, James Imaging has tapped immense success in the manufacturing sector and is broadening its market base in the healthcare and financial industries. All these markets being highly regulated, they reap the advantage of James Imaging’s fully compliant solutions. To deliver an exceptional overall experience, James Imaging has doubled the capacity of their equipment supplies and widened the floor to accommodate more workforce that constantly monitors a clients’ environment.

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Tom Tegeder, President, Bob Bingham, General Manager and Lola A. Tegeder, CEO and Bill Coon, Vice President-Sales

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