Jawdat Technologies: Transforming Legacy Network into Next- Generation Network

Tedhi Achdiana, Managing Director
Tedhi Achdiana, the Managing Director of Jawdat Technologies, a telecommunication and networking enthusiast with his over two decades of field experience has keen eyes to manage and identify problems of data communications networks—both from technical and business outcome prospective. He explains that the proliferation of wireless computing and mobile applications brings in explosive amount of data crossing the network, apparently pressing companies and service providers to adapt and evolve their skills, processes and networking tools. Furthermore, to drastically improve the responsiveness of their network infrastructure, stakeholders need to make their networks agile and efficient to meet traffic demands and create revenue streams with innovative services and newer business models. “Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) promise to ease these burdens by granting service providers the flexibility to move network functions from dedicated devices to generic servers,” remarks Tedhi. Understanding the benefits, scope, scale, and critical success factors of customers in this space, he drives Jawdat Technologies, a Jakarta, Indonesia based company in successfully assisting enterprises to transform their legacy network to Next- Generation Networking—SDN and NFV.

Initially started as a consulting firm for network transformation, Jawdat has evolved over the years to offer robust solutions, services and products to provide network owners and operators with more control of their network infrastructure through new generation networking. The firm offer enterprises with SDN & NFVI system Integrators for underlay and overlay technology that encompass all of the networking hardware and software, needed to support and connect virtual network functions. This enables businesses to create overlays with capabilities to rapidly deploy new functions and applications over an existing underlay infrastructure saving costs on infrastructure upgrades and new installations. This helps network providers with a high degree of transparency and decoupling from the underlay network. “We communicate and provide insight on how SDN and NFV can solve industry specific challenges and we suggest best practices and implementations for positive outcomes,” says Tedhi.

To further support the network function virtualization by enabling operators to properly manage network transformation from its early stages, Jawdat offers Virtualized Infrastructure Manager (VIM) and single management system which controls and manages the NFVI compute, storage, and network resources.

We communicate and provide insight on how SDN and NFV can solve industry specific challenges and we suggest best practices and implementations for positive outcomes

For the seamless management and orchestration of all resources in the virtualization space, the firm offers MANO Solution Development and Service Designer which allow flexible on-boarding and reduces the chaos associated with rapid spin up of network components. “We have our own products in this domain: Juragan Service Orchestration, JongOS SDN Controller and our network telemetry module integrated into our orchestrator products,” states Tedhi.

Jawdat’s full suite of products and solutions are designed to be fitted with customer requirement without depending on their vendor network—solutions are vendor agnostic. The firm offers their customers with multiple options namely Opex based and Capex based models to provide flexibility to select products and solutions that best suits their budget. The company is also a pioneer in providing consulting services and has become a trusted adviser to CXO level executives.

To provide more comprehensive analysis to their customers in the days to come, the firm is planning to add big data analytics into their product portfolio. Furthermore, the company is investing towards leveraging the Internet of Things (IoT) environment with an expected launch of related products and solutions within the next two years. Forging ahead, Jawdat Technologies is focusing more towards developing solutions based on predictive analytics and Artificial Intelligence in computer networking domain. This is among the long term vision of the company, which they have named as “Jawdat 2020.”

Jawdat Technologies

Jakarta, Indonesia

Tedhi Achdiana, Managing Director

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