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Gerald Bauer, Founder, JB Systems
As web development and design tools are gaining sophistication and maturity, companies are looking to create a digital experience that stands out from the crowd. “Unlike traditional web development patterns and offerings, today's users need out-of-the-box solutions which create a presence that goes beyond a templates or themes that power so many millions of websites,” says Gerald Bauer, Owner/ Founder of JB Systems. This is what JB Systems specializes in.

With an increased demand for integration of third party applications and sophisticated product configurations, JB Systems incorporates advanced aspects of APIs, Integration kits, and more - accompanied by Google Analytics and other traffic monitoring solutions in all their projects. The company is setting a benchmark in custom responsive website design, digital marketing, and search engine optimization. “We take design and usability seriously. Our aim for each of our clients is to have an award-winning presence,” says Bauer.

At the core of JB Systems’ success is its internal content management platform. “Our platform has been integrated with numerous ‘connected’ services such as Authorize.net, Stripe, PayPal, Sage, Google APIs, Microsoft Navision, Microsoft Dynamics, MailChimp, BigOven, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, DataTrac, RETS MLS systems, SalesForce and several more,” notes Bauer. Offering a high degree of flexibility, the platform drives the company’s response to the changing trends in web development. It helps them provide expert level designs involving custom databases, UI design, and detailed programming for advanced features ranging from registration options to complex eCommerce needs. The results go far beyond the plug-in libraries of most content management systems. “These aren’t solutions easily attainable through ‘plug-ins’. Tailoring code to suit client requirements is becoming difficult—and that’s what we provide.”

JB Systems takes a “five Ds” approach—Discover-Design-Develop- Debug-Deploy—to help companies identify clear objectives of their websites and ensure they fulfill those objectives upon launch.
The Discovery phase involves understanding the client requirements through extensive discussions; the Design process allows a high degree of flexibility to clients, while Development and debugging of the code happens in compliance with the design. For Deployment of code on the client’s systems, JB Systems adopts a rigid process to ensure the smooth functioning of the website, by factoring even the smallest of details. “With an exhaustive checklist of over 40 items, ranging from DNS parameters to website audits, we have accomplished several seamless website ‘go lives’ at JB Systems,” remarks Bauer.

We believe in delivering a great experience to our clients looking for a custom website presence

For instance, in early 2016, JB Systems completed rebuilding the website of a grocery store chain with over 20 locations, Gordy’s Market. “The resulting experience for Gordy’s was functionally better than most grocer platforms out there, and offered capabilities rivaling national grocers with much larger footprints and budgets,” says Bauer. The results were phenomenal and long-lasting—an overall decrease of 60 percent in bounce rate, an increase of 60 percent in pageviews, an increase of 148 percent in pages per session, and a 175 percent increase in the average visit duration.

“We believe in delivering a great experience to our clients looking for a custom website presence,” notes Bauer. Their technology-agnostic approach allows the company to focus more on ideas and functionalities that could be built into a website as opposed to being confined to certain platforms and solutions. With a constant focus on innovation, JB Systems also plans to release an updated version of its own content management system with greater flexibility, scalability, and capability to deliver solutions faster and better. “An easy to manage website is our core focus for a product offering, but I think there are some neat tools we could develop to really bring value to our clients.”

JB Systems

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Gerald Bauer, Founder, JB Systems

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