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CIO VendorJuan Manuel Caceres, CEO Juan Manuel Caceres, CEO of JC global loves sports and in a city as multifaceted as Mexico, he cannot but look forward to sports retreats—everything from parasailing to boating to tennis. Apart from entertainment and sporting experience, Caceres finds an intimate connection between playing and managing his corporate enterprise. “In many terms, the key to motivation and performance to the full potential is the same, whether I am playing or working in my office,” says Caceres. Based in one of the smallest, yet charming colonias of Mexico, JC Global is an IT solution provider that specializes in implementing HP software solutions in testing and automation spaces. According to Caceres, with advanced technology implementation, there exists a gap between HP solution adoption and business management. JC Global bridges this gap by combining their technology tools with HP software solutions to develop a service suite for cloud, portfolio, business, and application management.

Managed HP Software for Cloud, Automation, and Monitoring
It is often seen that the C-level executives lack total visibility and control of business services associated with security and mobility. To alleviate this vagueness and provide comprehensive solutions for organizations, JC Global uses technology trends like compute resources virtualization, cloud (public, private, hybrid, and managed service), and HP CSA (Cloud Service Automation) and HP SA (Server Automation). The company also offers control for in-house and cloud resources using the “Hybrid Operation” model. This model assures compliance, patching levels, configuration, and end-to-end provisioning. However, if the organization is seeking to automate their methodologies, “we can help them achieve it through HP’s software for automated incident resolution and run book automation,” says Caceres.

“Customers can be sure that they have no possible point of failure with our services on their business process when they are out of control, and because granting control is not enough, we can work together with automation tools to help them reduce the time to repair, helping them automate the solution for known problems or just help them reduce the risk on the day to day tasks performed by people, increasing the business availability,” claims Caceres. For instance, the second biggest managed service provider in Mexico approached JC Global to adopt automation in their business infrastructure. The company implemented some of the latest HP solutions to ease their business processing. The client sought for a cost-efficient automation along with IaaS and PaaS servers in a faster way.

“Through an initial customer assessment, we found different kinds of technologies in-house that managed their multiple environments. Prioritizing on a provisioning method, monitoring the infrastructure, and facilitating a self service model, we defined a methodology to serve the client,” says Caceres. The methodology incorporated HP CSA, HP SA, HP NA (Network Automation), HP SiteScope, and HP BSM (Business Service Management) to create a unique language to communicate the technologies involved, and serve the applications in a faster way. Presently, the client has control of its infrastructure just from a single point.
One of the major mobile telephony providers in Mexico sought help from JC Global to automate their day-to-day jobs. “We started 3 years ago with 350 devices and today we are automating daily tasks for about 18K devices, which means more than 8000 labor hours, saved per month,” claims Caceres. “We combine HP’s software solutions and its capabilities for clients to implement, design, and adopt their solutions,” he adds.

Dealing with the Fragmented HP Landscape
Being a Platinum HP Software Partner, JC Global has a deep specialization on HP Software, making their offerings unique. In order to adopt HP solutions, customers must bring about certain modifications in their actual processes. Changing the processes gives rise to management and monitoring challenges. JC Global helps customers discover the gaps and flaws in their processes to enable easy adoption of HP software solution. “We have a very close relationship with HP on multiple areas like reselling, education services, and research. We possess the ability to cover the entire HP software portfolio and expertise in application lifecycle, Big Data and application security, BSM, and BSA (Business Service Automation) solutions,” explains Caceres.

“We also install, configure, and run HP solutions in our data centers hosted by Rackspace and get the solutions to clients’ offices with site-to-site VPN,” he adds. The company has three forms of delivery for HP solutions—on-site managed, technical solution assistance, and managed HP software solution.

360-Degree Coverage for Business Process
Organizations require help identifying bottlenecks and potential problems within their business processes before their applications get into production environments. For instance, one of the leading Mexican manufacturers approached JC Global to automate their distorted business environment. While distributing their products to the retail chains, the client had issues with their SAP invoicing system, due to which the retail chains could not receive the products on time. “We identified their business process—the way they work—and we found that they do not properly load the orders from the production facilities on time. This produced overloading and deactivated the SAP invoice process,” says Caceres. JC Global recommended the use of HP products like Network Node Manager (NNM), BSM, SitesScope, Operations Manager, and Performance Manager to isolate the failures from all the systems used by the client. It was then found that the major alteration was in a DB2 real-time replication process on their SAP database, which made SAP slow enough to prevent processing of all the orders. “We created an automated script that stopped the DB2 replication after the process reached a threshold level. Eventually, the client could deliver their products on time with a fully functional invoice system,” claims Caceres.

IT Service Management and HP Application Lifecycle Management
To align IT services with the needs of businesses, ITIL—including IT services and process, definition, creation, and delivery—must be implemented.

“We process IT Service Management (ITSM) which helps the customers in creating their own IT performance scorecard that provides metrics for each IT area on a single outstanding point of view created by HP Executive Scorecard.ITSM also controls customer assets,” says Caceres.

JC Global’s HP Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) helps customers to design, implement, and operate their own Center of Excellence (COE).
Along with SaaS, JC Global facilitates their services on Testers as a Service (TaaS) to automate the software testing cases.

We combine HP software solutions and its capabilities for clients to implement, design, and adopt customer solutions

Software Testing Lifecycle
Interestingly, with IT control, JC Global is also involved in software testing and collaboration. “Our certified methodologies, with HP Software Solution adoption enable customers on software testing in areas like performance, functions, and security. These processes can run on desktops, mobiles, and through service virtualization applications,” says Caceres. As far as the quality is concerned, the company brings about a software testing process which is determined by the International Software Testing Qualification Board (ISTQB). The software testing lifecycle majorly intervenes via multiple phases: The requirement management phase that focuses at the management and analysis of testing requirements; the test planning phase that generates test cases which validate the identified requirements, and the test execution phase that looks at executing the software before implementation. Further, the defect management phase centralizes in monitoring and auditing to eliminate defects and eventually, the analysis and reporting phase monitors resources during and after the implementation of automated testing. “From time to time, our most-used methodology for software testing has proved to be the best investigation conducted to provide stakeholders with information about the quality of the product or service,” says Caceres.

“We believe our experience and deep knowledge on the different markets and segments are exceptional attributes that differentiates us from other HP providers and our dynamic specialization on HP software makes our offerings unique,” affirms Caceres. JC global considers that the future lies on the cloud.

The company intends to invest in technologies like Big Data, OpenStack, and SDN. “Our product Big Data "Connected Insights" focuses on the analysis of sentiment in social media, with our specialized motor in Mexican Spanish. It monitors if your customers are feeling negatively or positively towards your social media campaigns,” says Caceres. In fact, they already have teams dedicated to those technologies. “We are also working on creating cloud products on a separate area called ‘CloudSpeedUP’ products for an easy adoption of the cloud, and to help customers improve their budget utilization and be a more innovative company. We have also created an innovative way to do ‘Self-Managed’ services on a full automation approach associated with HP software, which requires less human interaction on a day to day basis. With all these services, we can assure that our customers are getting the most from the HP Solutions,” concludes Caceres.

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