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Baljit S. Dail, CEO
The three-network relationship of the supplier, manufacturer, and distributor in a supply chain enables organizations to optimize the delivery of goods, services, and information from supplier to consumer, and balance supply and demand. In the modern world, with increasing product proliferation, manufacturers face several challenges, including—selling across multiple channels, creating localized assortments, and controlling costs to maintain price competitiveness. Due to the growing supply chain constraints, manufacturers are required to keep a consistent view on the changing demand across the entire supply chain, for managing the complex global networks. Being a provider of an end-to-end, integrated retail and supply chain planning and execution solutions, JDA Software addresses the consumer-driven marketplace and spans the entire supply chain from ‘planning to delivery’ on time and budget.

“With our game-changing Supply Chain Planning solutions, we help our customers to optimize across procurement, manufacturing, and distribution, enabling them to improve service levels, increase productivity, reduce operational costs, and drive profitable growth,” elaborates Baljit S. Dail, CEO, JDA Software. JDA’s Enterprise Supply Planning with its best-of-breed products, JDA Master Planning and JDA Supply Chain Planner, transforms its clients businesses by maximizing on-time delivery, prioritizing demand based on due dates, and coordinating production plans. Working towards seamlessly connecting today’s digital and physical value chain, “our Enterprise Supply Planning helps in allowing our clients in building a globally synchronized, time-phased plan to respond profitably to both supply and demand volatility,” mentions Dail.

Strategic planning has always been a key factor in supply chain planning to meet the ever-growing consumer demand and improving business efficiency. Being committed toward working for the client’s business needs, “JDA’s Supply Chain Now solution transforms our customer’s supply chain bottom line by—meeting customer demands, reducing inventory and operational costs, and improving customer service,” says Dail.

With over two decades of experience in providing innovation excellence in the areas of supply chain, merchandising and pricing management, JDA has been working towards solving the most complex needs of customers.
For instance, JFE Steel, a global steel manufacturer, was on the lookout for an effective supply-chain planning solution, to increase productivity, improve the timeliness of plans for greater agility, and maximize the accuracy of plans to support profitability. JFE’s search culminated with JDA’s supply chain planning and execution solutions. “Our Supply Chain Planning (SCP) solutions enabled JFE to reduce their long-term planning time by 50 percent, increase efficiency and accuracy of the forecasting and planning activities, and improve company-wide visibility into the sales, production, and revenue plans,” articulates Dail.

Our Enterprise Supply Planning helps in allowing our clients in building a globally synchronized, time-phased plan to respond profitably to both supply and demand volatility

“By proffering our value-added capabilities, we have been successful in supporting our customers at every phase of the business lifecycle, from planning to delivery, unlike our other market competitors,” says Dail. To keep pace with the tremendous growth in the consumer demand, manufacturers today are looking at third-party logistics provider (3PLs). In line with the same, JDA has developed a six-step “roadmap” for helping 3PLs providers to deliver more strategic relationships with their customers.

With the vision to seamlessly connect supply chain physical and digital planning, JDA software moves ahead with its latest release Version 9.0. This newly developed JDA software, will work towards providing profitable omni-channel, intelligent fulfillment, and adaptable manufacturing to enable ‘selfie supply chains’ for delivering an end-to-end customer journey from ‘suppliers to end consumers’.

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Baljit S. Dail, CEO

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