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CIO VendorJohn Bearsley, Managing Director
The massive data growth of today is challenging enterprises in multiple realms, especially in IT infrastructure. Flaws in interpretation, performance testing, and security can dismantle the performance of any IT infrastructure. An objective and independent view of software which allows businesses to understand the risks of software implementation is also obligatory for IT systems. Being an IT consulting organization, JDS Australia leverages specialized technologies from HP Software to offer IT monitoring, software testing, and service management across a broad range of industries. “Our solutions ensure that critical IT systems are available and performing as and when required,” says John Bearsley, Managing Director, JDS Australia.

“HP landscape is undergoing major transformation these days,” notes Bearsley. With the increased complexity, it is difficult for users to shift between the different silos in HP. “Our strong relationship with HP gives the customers a better ability to navigate through the complex HP environment,” assures Bearsley. JDS is a licensed reseller of HP Software and their close relationship with HP Software and strong reputation is demonstrated by the collection of vendor awards. JDS has won including the 2014 Asia Pacific Japan HP Software Partner of the Year Award.

In the testing space, JDS offers security and performance testing services which reduce the risk of security vulnerabilities and performance issues impacting any production operation. They also provide test automation and test management services to assist the technically complex and challenging non-functional testing requirements.

For IT Operations, JDS implements and supports IT monitoring and ITSM solutions to ensure critical systems stay up and continue performing in line with the customers’ and end users’ expectations.
Monitoring and understanding the end user experience and the ability to tie this with metrics captured from the underpinning infrastructure components helps both prevent production issues and the visibility to address them quickly if they do arise. To achieve this, JDS provides event correlation, network monitoring, and device and dependency mapping in the monitoring space to aid customers using the concept of business service management (BSM), an approach to direct visibility of services.

Focusing on the right technology and robust ideas, JDS has been staying consistent and relevant, enabling clients to achieve their businesses goals. The Australian Red Cross Blood Service, a non-profit organization approached JDS to secure application delivery and perform validation services. JDS, using the unified functional performance and quality management, gained operational efficiencies for the client by migrating to a paperless testing environment and provided evidence of a code issue to ensure a timely fix. JDS improved the client’s ability to mitigate risks and meet regulatory audits by access to validation data in hours, rather than days or weeks. They also achieved end-user visibility of business transaction times. “We selected the HP Partner based on the solution’s deep functionality, automation capabilities, scalability potential, and industry leadership,” said Wayne Bolton, Manager of Applications and Integration Services, The Australian Red Cross Blood Service.

JDS claims to be a ‘good sized organization’—large enough to have the technical skills to support their customers and at the same time small enough to be nimble and responding quickly to companies. “I believe in having a great team, and keeping an employee-friendly environment in order to survive in this very competitive market place. We always like growing slowly and carefully and we are very selective in having the right people onboard,” says Bearsley. JDS is looking forward to establish more of monitoring technologies and business strategy dashboards along with quality tools in the utilities and testing space. Meanwhile, they are also pursuing for implementation support services for technical testing and application monitoring divisions.

JDS Australia

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John Bearsley, Managing Director

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