Jedox: Accelerating Planning, Budgeting, and Forecasting with Simplified Performance Management

Kay-Ingo Greve, CEO
Reducing the effort for company wide planning is of prime importance for every organization. In the modern day, to attain this goal, companies are striving to improve their Business Intelligence (BI) and Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) capabilities laying the foundation for better and faster decision making. However, traditional solutions are expensive, slow to set up, and require IT specialists, and external consultants. Jedox takes a different approach with its rapid prototyping and deployment approach. “Our BI and Enterprise PM solution streamlines planning, analysis, and reporting quickly, easily and inexpensively, allowing business users to model data themselves,” begins Kay-Ingo Greve, CEO, Jedox. Founded in Germany and operating across the US, Eu¬rope and Asia, the company works with an ExcelPLUS philosophy, which aims at transforming spreadsheet assets in an organization and implementing complex planning and BI requirements rapidly, efficiently, and securely.

Having over a decade’s experience as an EPM solution provider with 1.700 global customers like ABB, Sanofi or Bacardi recognizing the biggest challenge in the EPM space Jedox found that companies spend ages in planning, budgeting, and forecasting. “Most organizations use spreadsheets for planning, budgeting and forecasting, which often results in poor decision making and other business challenges,” he adds. Focused at addressing these challenges, Jedox offers solutions that redefine, simplify, and accelerate their clients’ planning process. Using the ‘one platform, one product approach’, Jedox has a simple and cost effective licensing model for both cloud and on-premise usage. By transforming Excel sheets into a multi dimensional in-memory database, users can connect and gather data from all the existing sub-systems (ERP, CRM, data warehouses) within an organization.

The firm’s flagship product, ‘Jedox 6’, an innovative technology for business driven intelligence, works around four core areas performance management, reporting, mobile devices, and data integration. The product unifies planning, reporting, and data analytics, enabling business users to analyze historical data for meaningful insight, for intelligent planning and forecasting. “With Jedox 6, our clients can transform their current planning process and have a complete 360 degree view on their entire business process,” says Greve.

Beyond data discovery, Jedox’s write back feature streamlines business processes to capture, calculate, and present data.

Unlike others we don’t want to “kill” Excel we empower users to leverage the tools they love and transform them into powerful and governed business instruments.

“With Jedox there's no need for the organization to build a separate planning or data discovery system, as our product handles both ends,” articulates Greve.

Providing users with unconstrained access to their BI and Performance Management (PM) data, Jedox Mobile enables controllers and field staff to easily access their customized reports and analysis on their mobile devices. “Our mobile app transforms smartphones and tablets into full-featured working instruments for managing business processes and optimizing time management,” says Greve. For instance, the mobile app helps field staff to take into account custom order sizes or promotional prices while carrying out their forecasting. “Jedox Mobile allows these staff to quickly submit orders and react to changing market requirements, by calculating business rules and consolidating all the data entered in real-time,” explains Greve.

“We redesigned and developed a newer version of our mobile app Jedox 6, which empowers enterprises to quickly transform planning and reporting with Business Driven Intelligence by offering an efficient mobile navigation, offline content management and ad hoc dashboard design,” says Greve. The advanced Jedox Mobile unifies the mobile functionality into a seamless mobile app with rich functionality, faster speed, and enhanced security.

In the innovation front, Jedox has acquired a long-standing technology partner, Reboard, for reinforcing and extending its mobile BI capability. However, unlike its other market competitors, Jedox is keen on developing the next version for its product. In the days to come, Jedox will expand its footprint, and invest heavily on its partner network and cloud-based modeling, enabling its customers for conducting an effective and quicker planning.


Freiburg, Germany

Kay-Ingo Greve, CEO

Provider of Jedox Suite that accommodates BI and CPM requirements including planning, budgeting, forecasting, reporting, dashboarding and analysis

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