Jelecos: Delivering End-to-End Compliant Technology Solutions

Leon Thomas, President & CEO
“Early in our business, Jelecos learned that even the best applications in the world can significantly diminish business value if the client is not armed with the right infrastructure or skill sets,” begins Leon Thomas, President and CEO, Jelecos. Armed with this philosophy, Jelecos now offers scalable solutions ensuring application delivery that covers clients’ infrastructure needs in data center, storage, and networking. Focusing specifically on security and compliance, Jelecos provides end-to-end solutions—from database design to application development— built on the Microsoft application stack, enabling clients to fully utilize their Microsoft suite of products.

Jelecos realizes efficiencies in its application development through an emphasis on quality control: Well-defined coding standards, a rigorous testing process, and a supportive mentorship program. “On the infrastructure side, we utilize the Microsoft Digital Studio development environment that enables us to better use technologies that enhance quality initiative,” states Thomas. Moreover, Jelecos leverages the capabilities of Windows Server Platform to automate deployment and provisioning of resources, giving clients on-demand capability while simultaneously ensuring security.

To best provide a complete business solution, Jelecos must constantly evolve to meet new industry requirements, and invests heavily in understanding the capabilities of various Microsoft solutions. “Microsoft has significantly improved the high-availability capabilities of their products,” Thomas said. To stay current with latest advancements in Microsoft products, Jelecos continuously interacts with key people in the Microsoft ecosystem. In addition, Jelecos regularly holds meetings to address client challenges, and then incorporates those needs into their solution offering. “Staying relevant with technology according to a customer’s requirements has become second nature to us, helping us add business value for our clients while decreasing Total Cost of Ownership,” remarks Thomas.
As an example of their holistic approach to managed services, Jelecos provides end-to-end custom application delivery while managing the core computing Infrastructure for a major payment management company. Jelecos is also responsible for maintaining Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance for the client, on both the Infrastructure stack and the application platform itself. In this scenario, Jelecos works with the customer when dealing with their outside auditors and clients. “Our development, infrastructure and architecture methodologies, must all meet with the client’s third-party compliance standards. By working closely with this client, Jelecos has delivered a payment management platform that has scaled significantly over the past several years,” says Thomas.

To help better serve their clients, Jelecos recently deployed Enterprise Cloud Storage and NetApp’s Data ONTAP platform, to provide an even greater array of performance and compliance solutions under their Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offering. While most other providers concentrate on either application development or infrastructure management, Jelecos offers a single source for both platforms in their turnkey business solution, which meets compliance requirements without sacrificing performance.

Jelecos provides end-to-end custom application delivery as well as supporting infrastructure in a PCI Compliant environment

In the near future, Jelecos will not only focus on growing organically, but will also look out for different merger and acquisition opportunities, partnerships, and joint ventures. "We are well-positioned operationally to develop new lines of growth and delivery, while maintaining the quality that our clients expect," Thomas concludes.


Omaha, NE

Leon Thomas, President & CEO

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