JetBrains: Redefining the ‘Simplicity’ of Code Design to Developers

Hadi Hariri, VP of Communications and Developer Advocacy
The current technological trends in Microsoft landscape

Microsoft is undoubtedly sending a message of ‘everything everywhere’. Now they have made it clear that they want both their cloud platform Azure, and other devices operating on Windows to be able to run the applications even if you are developing for Android, iOS, Java, or any technology.

JetBrains—Adding value to the developer environment

JetBrains builds productivity software for developers who want to focus more on what they want to accomplish, than on mundane, repetitive tasks. Most of our customers in the MS landscape are Visual Studio users, and our plug-in for Visual Studio, ReSharper focuses on increasing code quality through thousand code inspections to reduce potential runtime bugs. ReSharper caters the needs of C#, VB.NET, JavaScript and HTML/CSS. We have recently released ReSharper C++ that makes Microsoft Visual Studio a much better IDE with refactorings, navigation, code inspections, quick fixes, code generation, and more productivity features for C++ development.

Other tools from JetBrains, helping software developers become efficient

We offer tools focused on multiple platforms, including the JVM, with IntelliJ IDEA for Java and other JVM languages. In addition, we provide a slew of smaller IDE’s built on top of the IntelliJ platform targeting specific languages such as PHP (PhpStorm), JavaScript (WebStorm) amongst others, and recently CLion, targeting C++. We have extended our product line of teamware tools, adding Upsource, code repository and code review tool to the existing YouTrack, project management tool and TeamCity, our Continuous Integration and Deployment tool.

IntelliJ IDEA 14.1: Providing out of the box solution

Developers today are becoming polyglot, working with different languages and technologies. Java developers can use Java, Scala or other languages on the backend, and JavaScript and HTML on frontend, along with a plethora of frameworks and libraries.
We bring all that in a single solution, doing away with developers having to spend time trying to integrate everything and making different technologies work together. In addition, with IntelliJ IDEA being aware of all these technologies, it allows for a semantically richer development experience offering coding assistance and productivity boosting features.

CLion: Enhancing productivity

C++ is a very large market with extremely large codebases that need some of the power of the tools that are provided for other languages. We have compiled our 15 years of knowledge in developing tools for other languages, helping developers increase quality and efficiency and put them together into CLion. This powerful IDE helps you develop in C and C++ on Linux, OS X and Windows, enhancing your productivity with a smart editor, code quality assurance, automated refactorings, and deep integration with CMake build system. The platform has the capability to boost productivity with smart and relevant code completion, full coding assistance including customizable coding styles, keymaps and various project views.

Unique approach to delivery

We provide alpha builds of our products for immediate feedback from customers and adopt the idea of Early Access Program. In addition, feature requests and planning are conducted through publicly available issue trackers, listening to what developers need. However, at the same time, we need to carefully ride the ever-changing technology wave, as the JavaScript world is evolving fast.
Another key aspect of JetBrains is dogfooding as we do not release anything that we would not use ourselves. In addition, we lay emphasis on adding value to our tools as many of the solutions we provide have free alternatives in the market.

Instore for JetBrains in the upcoming years

We are working on some new products for our teamware tools line in addition to our Kotlin OSS programming language, which can fit well for C# developers and Java ones. There are more innovative products and features in the pipeline as the year progresses.


Prague, Czech Republic

Hadi Hariri, VP of Communications and Developer Advocacy

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