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Shane Stringfellow, President Airplanes are technological marvels. Made of metal and complex computer systems, they defy gravity to propel themselves through the air, driven by human ingenuity. And yet, the industry that maintains these systems still keeps records on paper. But a company called Jetraxx is setting out to change that by revolutionizing the way the industry thinks about capturing data.

Jetraxx was born of necessity. Designed by Shane Stringfellow as a digital record repository for a maintenance, repair and overhaul station (MRO) servicing multiple makes and models of aircraft engines, the system’s potential was clear and it was spun off into its own company with Stringfellow as president.

The aviation industry takes record-keeping seriously. Meticulous records are kept during aircraft repair and maintenance. Because engines are often on lease to aircraft operators, they require additional documentation for lessors and financial institutions. Each engine’s historical data must be collected and audited at the completion of the lease period, requiring years of records to be gathered from MROs around the world.

An industry veteran with deep experience in leased aviation assets, as well as aircraft maintenance and repair, Stringfellow understood the difficulties and impracticalities in maintaining paper files. Paper documentation can be lost, misplaced or damaged, making it difficult to compile end-of-lease documentation necessary to complete transactions in a timely manner and costing lessees money.

“At Jetraxx, we have created a managed process for ongoing records auditing and uploading, which greatly reduces the time needed to finalize documentation and turn off engine leases,” states Stringfellow.

While some aircraft manufacturers offer their own digital records management systems, Jetraxx provides the security of a neutral third-party. Customers never have to worry that their data is being shared with competitors or used for new product development.

Seeing the Bigger Picture

“For the aviation sector, digital records have the potential to be more than just scanned paper,” notes Stringfellow. Streamlined data collection and real-time document review shorten the time needed to compile data packs. The ability to quickly review repair histories, identify recurring issues, and track recalls and repairs improves safety. Digital records are easily stored and archived, accessible in ways that hard copies are not.

At Jetraxx, we have created a managed process for ongoing records auditing and uploading, which greatly reduces the time needed to finalize documentation and turn off engine leases

Stringfellow sees three challenges in moving the aviation industry towards full digital recordkeeping. First, MROs and airlines need to be able to digitize documentation in a way that allows others to extract data from scanned files without manual data entry. Second, data must be standardized so that information in the system can be retrieved and compiled in different ways. And third, digital documents must be created in a readable format that is suitable for different types of systems.

Salient Solutions for the Modern Engineer

A guiding principle for Jetraxx is that information should be digitized only once throughout its lifecycle. This would minimize the chances of documents getting lost, damaged or otherwise rendered illegible. Standardized data could move seamlessly among the various aviation industry entities– airlines, MROs, financial institutions, and more.

"We are invested in our customers’ success. We implement solutions that allow them to provide better outcomes for their clients"

To accomplish this, Jetraxx uses a secure, cloud-based records management system accessible securely via portal on any web browser on a computer, tablet or phone. Technicians can input data using their device of choice and documentation is instantly accessible to all parties who need access to it. This speed and transparency meet the needs of today’s aviation professional, who is used to calling up data instantly, wherever they are and whenever it is needed.

Leveraging advances in artificial intelligence, Jetraxx plans to add AI capabilities to scan documents, extract data and populate database fields automatically. Future options may include auto-creation of documents in readable formats, like PDFs, that are easily shared among MROs, leasing organizations and independent systems used by airlines. In keeping with Jetraxx’s principle of digitizing only once, documents could then be transferred digitally and incorporated by other systems without the need to re-scan or manually enter data.
A New Approach for an Established Industry

In the aviation industry, many solutions providers believe their way is the only way and that one solution will work for all customers, in all situations. Jetraxx takes a new approach – working side-by-side with each client to learn their processes and understand their day-to-day struggles. By observing actual human behaviors, Jetraxx can identify the bottlenecks, misunderstandings and inconsistencies that lead to inefficiencies and errors. Armed with this knowledge, Jetraxx customizes a solution that works with the customer’s existing processes, minimizing the need for retraining or costly implementation of new systems.

Additionally, Jetraxx offers ongoing technical records review and records management services, allowing customers to provide fully-audited, complete data packs within a day of completing service. Technical records staff work in parallel with technicians, auditing, validating and uploading data while repairs or maintenance are underway. This allows customers to identify and address data gaps and other issues immediately, without the need for additional hires or dedicated staff.

Customized Solutions for Real-World Issues

Jetraxx prides itself on being a hands-on partner, tailoring solutions to each customer’s needs. In one instance, Jetraxx was called out to a large aircraft facility that was struggling with its engine lease return process – a complex undertaking that involved extensive documentation of all service conducted during the life of the engine. To gather the relevant documentation, numerous individuals at headquarters, in the records department and at all maintenance stations that had ever worked on the engine had to work together. Jetraxx quickly recognized that the challenge was not the quantity of documentation, but the lack of transparency during the process and unclear communication among the different groups. No one person had a view into the progress of assembling documentation, nor was it apparent to anyone if a group was falling behind. Jetraxx’s solution was to create a customized dashboard with individual logins to track the creation, uploading and approval of files. Reviewers were automatically notified when new files needed attention, eliminating delays and confusion. Every person with a login could see how the process was progressing, making data collection faster and more transparent. Ultimately, the streamlined process resulted in faster lease returns and satisfied customers.

The Skies Ahead

With customers around the world, Jetraxx is modernizing the way the aviation industry leverages technology to increase efficiencies and improve records management. Customers are embracing Jetraxx’s approach todigital data and tailored solutions.

“We are invested in our customers’ success. We implement solutions that allow them to provide better outcomes for their clients,” adds Stringfellow.


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Shane Stringfellow, President

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