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Ginger Ackeman, VP of Sales & Marketing
Technology has changed the way education has traditionally been disseminated—revolutionizing the dynamics of the entire teaching and learning process in the classroom and beyond. With traditional educational models, students are often burdened to outperform in their academic and professional careers—without having adequate access to technology and a customized learning experience. Institutions realize that overall student achievement is likely to rise when learning is tailored to individual students' strengths, needs, and personal interests. “Personalized learning is an invitation for educators to create opportunities for its students to learn at their own pace with a variety of teaching styles, and formats available to them,” begins Ginger Ackeman, VP of Sales and Marketing, Jigsaw. The power of immersive and personalized learning is one of the key differentiators of Jigsaw—a virtual learning platform provider that offers a multi-dimensional immersive learning environment to effectively engage and motivate students and trainees.

“At Jigsaw we focus on the learning experience and turn passive listeners into active learners,” points-out Ginger. “Based on the individual’s learning style, Jigsaw provides a platform—that accommodates a variety of teaching techniques and learning styles to let each student learn in their own unique style so they optimize their learning time in the classroom.” Jigsaw’s virtual classrooms change the dynamics of teaching and learning by allowing instructors and students to work together using various tools designed to let students actively participate in class, work on projects and review information independently and with the instructors. This immersive type of learning changes the dynamics for the learners by allowing them to “pull” information as needed and create their own learning path for problem solving, critical thinking, and creativity.

To strengthen the learning experience for each student in the class, Jigsaw monitors real time progress of each student and records their activities, performance, and results in multiple formats for further analytics. With these insights, facilitators can easily identify—who is actively involved and document the level of engagement for individuals to ensure accountability.

In Jigsaw, we personalize the learning experience and turn passive listeners into active learners

Using Jigsaw, “Educators can design a small collaborative group activity–like a project, group discussion or a game, by sending students to Breakout Rooms (BOR) within the virtual classroom,” points-out Ginger. By recording the actions performed in the BOR, instructors can analyze each student’s activities on the project, track how long a student is actively involved and assess what they learned during the session.

The Jigsaw platform facilitates outstanding student and teacher interaction experiences that are essential in virtual learning programs. One of Jigsaw’s clients had been working with a vendor that used outdated technology that created an unstable education model. The instructors were forced to cancel classes because the students either couldn’t get in the classroom or failed to see the learning materials once they were logged in. By changing to Jigsaw’s virtual classroom platform this client has not cancelled one class nor have students missed class or content due to the platform or technology. Jigsaw has also empowered the teachers to design creative classes that encourage students and demand more hands-on activities during virtual learning.

Jigsaw revolutionizes worldwide virtual learning and the entire Jigsaw team is focused on providing the best technology and customer care in the industry. Jigsaw’s mantra is “ICARE—Integrity, Customer service, Accountability, Results, and Excellence”. Forging ahead the firm’s short term goal is to continue to develop teaching and learning tools designed for today’s students and learning styles. “As a long term-goal, Jigsaw is always reviewing, redesigning, and identifying tools that will continue to keep Jigsaw as the best in class virtual learning technology and allow easy access no matter what type of device you use or environment you are in,” concludes Ginger.


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Ginger Ackeman, VP of Sales & Marketing

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