Jigsaw Interactive: Augmenting Virtual Learning with Engagement Analytics

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While conducting a virtual class, Mrs. Smith—one of many teachers across the country—wants to create a personalized learning experience for each of her students. To do that and also to monitor how well they are able to grasp the content, she needs to be able to assess how her students are using the tools made available to them. However, test papers or other assessing processes do not help her effectively comprehend how involved each individual is in the class. The education world today—witnessing a paradigm shift from traditional classrooms settings to virtual ones— is looking for innovations that can help Mrs. Smith and other teachers like her. Jigsaw Interactive is one of the first companies to understand this need and create an effective solution that helps establish an immersive and personalized educational learning experience. The company brings to the table, a virtual classroom that optimizes learning through the use of patented multi-dimensional engagement tools. “Jigsaw can help improve education and student performance because it gets them involved through activity-based learning and it gives instructors real-time learning confirmation,” says Ginger Ackerman, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Jigsaw Interactive.

Ackerman emphasizes the importance of a teacher being able to identify students’ engagement levels in classrooms by ensuring whether each student is properly leveraging the learning tools being used. To address this need, the company recently introduced a dynamic Engagement Analytics Dashboard. Josette Fleszar, the president and CEO of Jigsaw Interactive affirms, “The dashboard, a crucial component of the virtual classroom, collects data about the tools being used in a classroom to drive higher student participation throughout the learning process.” It enables teachers to compare the level of engagement with the level of learning on any given day. Instructional designers, who build the content, can analyze the data collected by the dashboard and build classroom curriculums based on how students learn. This also allows them give teachers the tools necessary to meet individual student needs.

Multi-dimensional tools and resources that are part of the platform such as videos, various educational materials, whiteboards, noteboards allows teachers to expand student learning.

Our engagement and analytics dashboard collects d ata pertaining to the tools b eing used in a classroom to drive higher student engagement throughout the learning process

The virtual classroom meets the learning needs of today’s students through easy to use technology. Understanding how students use various class resources allows teachers to determine the value the information brings to each student. This information will enable them to create their classes around the learning style of each student.

Using Jigsaw Interactive, the students of iForward Public Online Charter School, one of Wisconsin’s oldest virtual schools, won first place in a competition and sent an experiment they designed to the International Space Station (ISS). The school competed with 5,000 other schools to work on a science project. The experiment will travel to the ISS at the end of June as one of 34 experiments that make up the Student Spaceflight Experiments Program (SSEP) Mission 12 to the ISS Mercury payload.

Many such examples prove to be a testament to the kind of educational excellence the company has to offer to the community. Jigsaw Interactive continues on its path of success by enhancing their solution stack, one of which is the introduction of Jigsaw 5. Jigsaw 5 will represent the same multidimensional classroom on HTML5 and will increase the flexibility and unique capabilities of the virtual classroom.

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Ginger Ackerman, VP of Sales and Marketing and Josette Fleszar, President & CEO

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