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Providing high-quality service with complete transparency is currently one of the biggest challenges for companies that operate in public sector. This need for transparency creates a very complex and costly process, which many service providers prefer to avoid. With a sound understanding of the procurement rules, regulations, and policies, Jive Communications addresses these issues by providing comprehensive Hosted Unified Communications solutions that are in complete compliance with the government rules and policies.

As a technology service provider, Jive is founded on the concept of Hosted VoIP. The founders knew that the majority of the incumbent providers had limited incentive to create or disrupt existing revenues. In response to that, Jive founders contemplated a Hosted VoIP solution capable of supplying Unified Communications without the vast number of variables necessary for on-premises solutions—with the help of the Cloud. “It’s something that was needed in the market place, as training individuals, refreshing systems, and maintenance of on-premises systems became more arduous with budget onstricts,” says Jim Horalek, Director of Government Sales, Jive Communications.

In the next 5 to 10 years, Jive is planning to solidify its position as a Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) vendor in both the commercial and public sectors

Jive’s Hosted VoIP solution provides simple management tools that help their clients utilize resources effectively. Products like Jive Voice, a cloud-based PBX (Private Branch Exchange) solution, offers an advanced feature set withonline management and plug-and-play deployments. This feature set also includes Jive’s award-winning Dial Plan Editor, which gives clients and client administrator total control over the call flow. Jive Contact Center offers cloud-based contact center solutions including call queues, ring groups, skill-based routing, agents, and advanced reports delivery. Jive Mobility, another successful product, allows the subscriber to send and receive calls from their mobile devices just like they would from their office phone.
Jim Horalek, Director of Government Sales
With an implementation that can be performed in minutes, Jive’s services cut down the lengthy service process, allowing clients to spend less time fixing their phones and more time using their phones.

Jive Communications meets the market demand with its competitive price point and cutting edge technology. The company’s services offer public sector clients low monthly-per-seat-pricing that eliminates expensive on-premises equipment. Jive partners with the likes of Panasonic, Polycom, Cisco, and Adtran to provide VoIP handset and networking hardware.

One of the key differentiating factors of Jive Communications is their platform ownership. Jive has full control of the Jive Cloud platform, which is based on open industry standards. This allows rapid development of applications and extremely fast turnaround times on technical support issues, and makes platform upgrades seamless.

Jive Communications has helped many entities in the public sector reduce their expenditure by providing turnkey cloud services. Among the many success stories linked to Jive, the story of Homeland Security and Fire Department of New Mexico stands apart. Jive helped this client to meet emergency evacuation needs by utilizing its Hosted VoIP systems to quickly set up a customized central command center.The company has also helped a school district in the U.S. save close to $200,000 in annual phone service contracts.

“Supporting local community is also part of the Jive culture. Having the opportunity to provide solutions that help our Public Sector customers serve their constituents gives me great satisfaction,” says Horalek. Going forward, the company is planning to solidify its position as a Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) vendor in both the commercial and public sectors. “We are looking forward to develop new innovations that will push the current communications standards forward,” concludes Horalek.

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Jim Horalek, Director of Government Sales

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