JMA Information Technology: Enabling Companies to Collaborate Through Juniper

CIO VendorMaria Will, Vice President, Technology Solutions Division Raqib Huq, Vice President, Engineering
Many organizations face unprecedented pressures ranging from changing economic conditions to increased regulations and rapidly evolving technologies—all while needing to optimize their cost structure. According to Gartner, more than sixty-eight percent of associations will change their technology and sourcing approach in the next two to three years. It is apparent that financial firms are seeking IT solutions that will balance their need for increased flexibility and application performance with cost discipline. These institutions must implement a new set of principles to align IT infrastructure with business strategy, requiring a secure IT architecture and network that can react with speed, agility and at scale to guarantee performance and deliver competitive advantage while driving cost takeout.

JMA Information Technology (JMA IT) is a global solutions provider that leverages in-house engineering resources aligned with cutting-edge technology partners to service networking, storage, virtualization, and telephony projects. The company specializes in network infrastructure planning, design, implementation and support, network security, tier 1&2 help desk, VoIP implementation, systems integration, and application development. However, as the company has grown in size and expertise, the impact of their values they have on the customers has intensified, resulting in a leading local and regional brand that has developed with time, and partnered with Juniper Networks, a high-performance network solutions company.

“Throughout our partnership with Juniper, JMA IT continues to increase both our Juniper hardware and services revenue year after year,” adds Maria Will, Vice President, Technology Solutions Division, JMA IT. JMA IT has been successful in selling a wide variety of products and professional services across all verticals within the commercial market and service provider markets. JMA IT is actively engaged with Juniper’s data center strategy; SDN, Contrail, Automation, vSRX, and various other data center technologies.
“Our solution highlights JMA IT’s ability to integrate the MX and EXs with SDN, NSX, Contrail and various other Juniper technologies” adds Raqib Huq, Vice President, Engineering. Our support also includes planning; analysis; network design support; email configuration; PDA email and calendar synchronization; to name a few. JMA IT provides enterprise mobile integration solutions with your existing platform. Using industry standard JSON RPC or XML RPC APIs, we deliver secure apps to your enterprise,” explains Will.

JMA Government Services provides support of transforming customer needs into cost-effective, high-performance IT solutions based on common architectures, technologies, platforms, and devices. JMA Government Services provides the full development lifecycle for client server and web software applications for several Federal Government contracts. This includes systems architecture, software engineering, database development, quality assurance, documentation, training and application support. The wide suite of solutions along with JMA IT’s ability to have engineers design, architect, implement and support across various platforms is what makes JMA IT stand out of the crowd.

Several JMA IT/Juniper customers have been able to take advantage of Space and its single pane of glass management for security, switching, and logging. “Our engineers continue to improve the customer experience with Space and we believe this provides Juniper a competitive edge opposed to siloed solutions,” says Huq. JMA IT engineers have attended and completed multiple workshops on SDN and automation within the Data Center space.

For the road ahead, JMA IT will consistently evaluate new best of breed technology and will continue to increase the professional services practice in US and APAC. “JMA is excited with Juniper’s go to market in the Data Center space utilizing High IQ network Solutions such as, O’Block, SDN, Northstar, vMX, vEX, and vSRX,” concludes Will.

JMA Information Technology

Maria Will, Vice President, Technology Solutions Division Raqib Huq, Vice President, Engineering

Providing in-house engineering resources aligned with cutting-edge technology partner to service networking, storage, virtualization, and telephony projects.