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Todd Landry, CVP, Product & Market Strategy
Today, there is an ever-increasing demand for coverage and capacity, especially in areas where there are high densities of active mobile users, such as in corporations, hospitals, stadiums, and university campuses. The challenge that wireless providers are facing is one of ensuring the best overall signal quality while they increase density of shared cells for users. “The challenges are mainly, cost effective delivery with an assurance that quality signal delivered to mobile devices is at its highest,” reveals Todd Landry, Corporate Vice President at JMA Wireless. With a focus on innovation and architectural design, JMA Wireless has developed their solutions portfolio to minimize operational overhead while ensuring unrivalled performance for coverage and high-speed data. A global provider in mobile wireless connectivity solutions that assure infrastructure reliability and maximize wireless performance, JMA Wireless mainly serves two markets— the macro wireless market and Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) market.

In the macro market the company provides a broad range of antennas that one typically spots mounted high atop cell towers. JMA Wireless also holds the industry’s gold-standard in connecting antennas with their compression series of connectors used by the top performing LTE providers. “Perhaps the most overlooked area that impacts performance is the connector itself and we solve that problem,” remarks Landry. In the DAS market JMA provides its Teko DAS platform, one of the most advanced solutions in the industry. Since JMA also owns antenna and connector technologies it has wisely pieced together an entire end-to-end solution that can be optimized to ensure best performance. At the core of JMA’s strategy, and hence its success, lies high quality, highly engineered designs that eliminate interference and ensure the best overall cellular signals which keep the network operating at its peak. Add to this the very strict attention to operational efficiencies and their platforms are just easier to deploy, easier to operate, and require less infrastructure than others.“Since the cost of operations is a critical factor, we pay special attention to embedding intelligence in our systems that streamline operations,” states Landry. Thorough exploration of a problem—whether its connectors, which assure LTE performance and eliminate expensive tower climbs, or a DAS that can be administrated from a remote location, takes eminence for JMA.
In a DAS, once equipment is deployed JMA’s integrated processes for inventorying, commissioning the system, and optimizing it for operations includes several points of automation. This streamlines the process which configures each location within the menu according to design parameters. “We’ve automated in ways that result in days instead of weeks to enable a system,” says Landry, “Since signal means everything we’ve integrated capabilities to visualize the cellular spectrum within a facility and tune it for best performance.” With several competitors in the DAS arena, JMA has established a significant foothold by building strong relationships with their top customers and partners, to make sure that the company’s designs are aligned with the clients’ needs.

JMA’s Teko DAS empowers wireless coverage and capacity in many different venues worldwide, each providing an efficient and powerful mobile user experience

JMA’s Teko DAS platform is deployed in hundreds of different locations and in each delivered with a unique level of operational efficiency. One of their clients is the high-tech Levi’s Stadium—where JMA can schedule configuration changes based on the stadium’s use. “Whether it’s a football game with all seats filled or a music concert with the gridiron full of mobile users the system can be adapted to deliver performance where it’s needed,” informs Landry. The company believes in seeing every installation as an opportunity to provide better integration and better solutions, driving new ideas that solve specific customer problems. Using an approach of collective brainpower with “best for the customer thinking,” JMA plans on releasing products that will improve network performance by 1000X in the coming years.

JMA Wireless

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Todd Landry, CVP, Product & Market Strategy

Provides mobile wireless connectivity solutions that assure infrastructure reliability, streamlines service operations, and maximizes wireless performance