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Takashi Yamada, CTO
Today’s OEMs are largely inclined towards electrification to help them save energy in their electromechanical products. Eco-friendly hybrid and electric vehicle development is the key to lead the automobile industry in this century. Simple replacements such as substituting an internal combustion engine with an electric motor may be suitable for conventional uses, but when it comes to large-scale productions like that of automobiles, these are not adequate. For higher efficiency, OEMs need to reinvent electrical machines and motors. After more than 100 years, most of the easy innovations have already been made to the motors and deriving further performance gains requires finite element analysis (FEA) to identify previously overlooked or underestimated aspects of machine design.

Serving the electromechanical market for over three decades, JMAG provides the required simulation tools that leverage FEA for accurate and high-speed calculations. The company provides valuable solutions for the design and development of electrical devices that can reveal intricate details of the products highlighting areas of improvement to increase efficiency and save electricity. “Along with vast experience, high speed and accuracy are our differentiating factors in this competitive marketplace,” says Takashi Yamada, CTO of JMAG.

He believes that most of the times, clients only need to make very minor changes to their design. However, the devil lies in the detail as it is very difficult to identify the area that needs modification.

With JMAG-Designer that uses FEA, clients can gain insights on the minute details of the product. With the solution, clients can calculate something without actually physically creating it, and then correctly develop that item based on those calculated results. For high precision analysis, JMAG gives clients several options to create mesh, from automatic to manual mesh. The mesher within JMAG is both advanced and easy to use, which means that JMAG can generate an optimal mesh for every type of analysis.
Coming to the modeling of the product, JMAG has partnered with numerous material manufacturers to create a database that enables clients to know the details such as stress dependent magnetic and iron loss properties of electromagnetic steel sheets. Based on the understanding of magnetic steel sheets, magnets, and powdered metals, the company develops fast and detailed modeling methods that also take into consideration multiphysics for magnetic or thermal analysis. Finally, the JMAG-Designer enables clients to choose the most appropriate design for their needs providing them parametric analysis and optimization functions to evaluate large numbers of design proposals. Further, the company’s JMAG-RT generates high-fidelity plant models in a system level simulation from FEA models and enables plant design and control design to be performed concurrently.

Along with vast experience, high speed and accuracy are our differentiating factors in this competitive marketplace

With these stellar abilities, the company has served numerous clients. Through its worldwide network, JMAG provides comprehensive services both locally and globally and offers solutions for global corporations helping them work together effectively across the globe. JMAG continually enhances its existing knowledge to utilize the latest advances in simulation technology and hardware to meet the needs of a growing customer base. The company also offers general purpose simulation package for motors, transformers, and power converters as well. With a goal of becoming the best simulation provider, JMAG is constantly striving to enhance its simulation products with state of the art technologies.


Tokyo, Japan

Takashi Yamada, CTO

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