JMARK Business Solutions: Reducing the Complexity Of IT

Thomas Douglas, CEO
The time for businesses to be satisfied with simply calling a service provider to fix its IT problems has long gone. If a business is not proactively monitoring its environment, it may fall prey to a compromise before they realize it. Security has become a major concern for companies in the present era. The reason is the number of security threats that exist today which is the highest in the history of IT. Today’s businesses cannot afford to lose time, money, and customer confidence as a result of security issues that could have been prevented.

This is the reason many business leaders are turning to outsourced IT services as a way to stay a step ahead in their industries. Realizing that addressing these problems in the old fashioned way is expensive and unpredictable. These informed companies are switching to an IT support model that takes into account their strategic business objectives along with the security requirements of doing business in today’s technology dependent times.

Rising to address these issues is Springfield, MO headquartered JMARK Business Solutions, Inc. Originally founded in 1988, JMARK provides outsourced IT support, or "managed services" to clients in and around the country.

Filling the Gaping Hole

In 2001, it had become evident, to Thomas Douglas, CEO of the company that the model of trading hours fixing computers for client dollars was an unpredictable and painful business model and he knew change was necessary.

Hence, JMARK became one of the first in its industry to focus on flat fee based services. The flat fee provided the client with as much service as required to support their business network and doing so with unprecedented quality of service.
Today, the company provides services that enhance the operational success of the customer while also integrating security at every level. The firm does this through an array of services to various industries such as Financial Services, whose IT Support require specialized knowledge and processes to properly deal with the compliance and regulatory requirements. JMARK also caters to the Healthcare, Education,Legal Services, Insurance Agencies, Manufacturing, Transportation and the government sectors.

The Offerings of the Firm

JMARK’s services include Full IT Outsourcing including Server, Desktop and Network Management & Support, called NetCare IT Support. JMARK also provides Management and Support for Critical Servers which focuses on the health of client’s servers by carefully monitoring performance, hardware or virtualization health and stability. Next on the list is Network Management & Support which focuses on real-time monitoring for latency and packet loss as well as planning and design assistance based on situational management. Then, a specialized product Suite for Security Management & Support which guards against malicious activity and disruptive threats. The other services include Cloud Computing, Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery and Office Anywhere.

The number of security threats that exist today is the highest in the history of IT

Today JMARK is growing at a rate of 25-35 percent and plans to maintain this pace for the days to come. Thomas also plans to have acquisitions in the near future to accelerate the growth of the company.

JMARK Business Solutions

Springfield, MO

Thomas Douglas, CEO

A provider of IT outsourcing solutions that reduces the complexity of IT for organizations around the country.