JobTraQ: Core BPM Functionality Business People Can Use Without the IT Department

Vaughn Thurman, CEO
JobTraQ is a Lean BPM solution which delivers core BPM functionality into the hands of the business people who need it: operations staff and managers, team leaders, business analysts and stakeholders. There is no need for specialist developer, coding or IT skills to use the tool, which reduces the delay caused by implementing process changes.

What takes months or even years to achieve with traditional BPM tools, now take minutes or hours with JobTraQ, providing true agility and the ability to Continuously Improve business processes.

Process stakeholders and managers can now gain true visibility on the business processes they own, no matter what departmental boundaries they cross. JobTraQ ensures that the right person is performing the right work at the right time, and provides full visibility into workflows and business processes in real-time.

Business users can quickly design, and implement workflows, including pushing them into a live, operational state. JobTraQ provides a simple-to-use Visual Workflow tool, which non-specialists can use to design workflows, and which are then made operational with a simple mouse click. Associated tasks, resource utilization, notifications and reports are automatically created off the workflow using your pre-set business rules.

The Rise of the Citizen Developer

“Citizen Developers are business users who control and execute on BPM functionality,” says Vaughn Thurman, CEO of Swift Software, Inc., “and this has far-reaching implications forall organizations.”

The trend towards empowering the Citizen Developer with Low Code BPM solutions has changed the paradigm of application development, but JobTraQ has taken this much further. Low code solutions still require specialist skills in order to fully use them, however JobTraQ eliminates this completely – it is a true Lean BPM tool.JobTraQ is deployed by a range of organizations, including NASA, U.S. Marines, TransCanada, Fifth Third Bank and Beazley.

The rise of the “Citizen Developer”, a business user who controls and executes on BPM functionality has farreaching effects for all organizations

Beazley assessed a range of BPM solutions and chose JobTraQ for its powerful functionality, flexibility and ability to be fully customized and integrated to how they do business, while workflows can be changed at will with no IT support.

“We proactively design and incorporate functionality in JobTraQ based on customer feedback,” adds Thurman, “and it is the ownership of this BPM functionality, by business people without any IT or coding skills, that sets us apart from all other competitors.”

JobTraQ ensures that the right person is doing the right work at the right time, and offers a comprehensive feature stack including Visual Workflow, enterprise task management, non-repudiable compliance record, role-based permissions, resource utilization, and automated report generation and distribution.

Deployment takes a fraction of the time required by traditional BPM solutions, with both On Premises and SaaS versions available, while the solution cost is around 20 percent of Big BPM tools.

Looking to the future, the firm is investing heavily in Research & Development, “Our development team is currently exploring how to infuse artificial intelligence and learning algorithms into JobTraQ,” explains Thurman, “which will allow for agile process optimization.”

JobTraQ brings continuous improvement within the reach of all organizations, with time being spent on identifying process improvements not implementing them.


Frederick, MD

Vaughn Thurman, CEO

Delivers BPM functionality directly into the hands of business people without the need for specialist coding skills or the IT Department