Johanson Transportation Service (JTS): How JTS Helps Clients with an All-round, Customizable TMS

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Craig Johannson, VP of Logistics
In the early 70s, Richard Johanson—a World War II veteran and author of “A Passion for Stewardship,”— identified an increasing need in the transportation industry for a customer-focused solution provider with rich experience and knowledge on different modes of transportation. After managing a local transportation brokerage company for fifteen years, Johanson founded Johanson Transportation Service (JTS) in Fresno, CA, to revolutionize the sector with solutions that were based on four core principles—Experience, Integrity, Gratitude, and Respect. The firm began its journey with just four people in a small rented workspace at a local truck stop. Today, after 48 years, the company evolved into a leader in the transportation business, operating across multiple locations across the United States. JTS is currently an established 3PL solutions provider, helping companies manage their supply chain with solutions that exceed their unique business challenges.

“JTS offers customized freight solutions with unmatched services at a competitive price,” says Craig Johannson, VP of Logistics at JTS. JTS adds value with logistics management, consulting and state-of-the-art technology systems using online tools to facilitate seamless supply-chain communications for its customers.”

What makes JTS unique in the market is their cloud-based TMS. “In 2008, we identified an opportunity to invest in technology to provide much greater value to our customers. Our main focus has always been, and will continue to be, to create technologies that adapt to our customers' specific needs, business model, and processes. This was when we created the first version of our in-house TMS system,” asserts Johannson. Built with the same passion and goal that has helped the company evolve over the years, our cloud-based TMS is a one-stop solution for managing full truckload, LTL, intermodal and international freight communications – all in one easy-to-use, cloud-based web interface. “Over the decade, our product has evolved tremendously alongside the entire industry. We then moved it to a web-based system and now to the Cloud. We went from EDI communication to API. Our goal is to create one platform for all modes of transportation,” says Johannson.

With their cloud-based TMS, clients can integrate logistics communications with a single-source provider, gain online visibility and access to all transportation communications, perform instant rate quotes, and most importantly, save the time which was previously invested in emailing and logging into carrier websites multiple times in a day. With features like the Rate Estimator, clients can get contract or spot rate quotes for dry or temperature-controlled truckload, intermodal and LTL by entering their pick-up and destination stops.

Our goal is to create one platform for all modes of transportation

They can also compare LTL rates for various carriers on one screen, print a quote, and then select the carrier they want. Users can track shipments from the beginning to the very end, automate order processing, and gain visibility on their shipment performance with easy analytics reporting tools within the offering. The firm also offers a version of their cloud-based TMS for carriers.

While the offering did see tremendous results, team JTS noticed one other hurdle their clients still faced. “The idea of customers having to adapt all their processes into one software often becomes cumbersome. It slows down implementation and has no strong outcome. For that, we have a robust in-house programming team that can customize our product to fit our client’s requirements perfectly,” says Johannson.

Johannson cites an instance wherein, JTS helped a customer optimize their transportation system alongside implementing SAP as their accounting and ERP system. They needed a transportation module that could communicate with SAP—to receive and share data. Furthermore, they wanted a system to enable them to predict schedules for manufacturing, raw materials, and equipment they would need in the days to come. They were looking for a solution that could help them be well-prepared ahead of time, even in terms of staffing. “To meet these demands, we customized our TMS by adding many additional features. We were able to make the entire shipping process efficient by giving the warehouse team a tablet through which they could send and share information with our system, as orders were finished. Our TMS was able to automatically dispatch carriers with the tracking number attached so that the client could take a picked order, move it directly into a dropped trailer on the dock, and essentially, avoid the whole staging process,” highlights Johannson.

With such capabilities, JTS has helped many clients overcome transportation and logistics hurdles with solutions that were tailored according to their needs. “We are growing at a rapid pace and expanding our product capabilities simultaneously. In fact, we are coming up with the new version of our TMS loaded, with new features and functionalities that can help our clients with all their transportation requirements,” concludes Johannson.

Johanson Transportation Service

Fresno, CA

Craig Johannson, VP of Logistics

Johanson Transportation Service (JTS) is a leading third party logistics provider helping companies manage their supply chain with Justified Timely Solutions that meet their unique business challenges. With a vast network of truck, air, ocean and rail/intermodal transportation, JTS provides a full portfolio of domestic and international services, including logistics management, consultation and state-of-the-art technology systems with real-time online tools to facilitate seamless supply-chain communications for its customers. JTS is headquartered in Fresno, CA and has five regional offices in the United States (Sacramento, CA, Portland, OR, Salem, OR, Denville, NJ, Madison, WI)

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