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Alexis Pomierski, Executive Director
John Alexander Consulting (JAC) is a carrier and cloudneutral telecommunications consulting and procurement firm with a network of over 300 global suppliers to design, procure, and implement ideal telecommunications solutions.

JAC's major clients range from holding firms to companies across banking, insurance, finance, and retail industries.

"We are unique in the telecommunications consulting and procurement space as we formalize our strategic approach to network optimization with a dated scope of work, portal-based project management and inventory management for day 2 support" says Alexis Pomierski, Executive Director, John Alexander Consulting.

JAC helps bridge the gap between traditional procurement and the technical needs for solution delivery. Its unique methodology involves understanding the client's short and longterm term business drivers and outlining the appropriate technologies for their environment. Through a custom scope of work, JAC does an indepth analysis of its client's current infrastructure and assists them in determining appropriate technologies based on application dependencies, mapping insights, network security, and latency. The client can then short-list appropriate vendors based on JAC's internal buying criteria and guidelines.

Once the vendor is short-listed, JAC assists the client with business terms and conditions within the contract that allows them to pivot that technology. Following this, JAC's operations team implements a mixture of services from various carriers that focuses on the client's requirements at different locations and ensures all business applications are delivered to the end user without interruption.

Neutral project management plays a huge role in the successful deployment and their team has expertise in synchronizing the timing of installations of all carriers. Most clients have five to seven carriers within an environment. Careful planning ensures the client isn't double billed and their operations are not disrupted. JAC provides this service at no additional cost. It understands each carrier's pain threshold and helps navigate the best contractual language based on their business requirements.

Once implemented, maintaining a clean inventory of the client's environment is critical to maintaining a healthy infrastructure and spend. JAC does this at no charge for the full duration of the relationship. Their portal-based system includes details such as cost, term, and other technical properties such as last mile and critical demarcs.
During the firm’s tenure, JAC has optimized over 5 million in monthly recurring revenues to boast a portfolio of almost 30 million in annual customer spend under management. While JAC services many verticals, its footprint is vast in holding firms and global insurance.

The practice has a depth of experience in holding firms which require a pivotal strategy to meet the demands of a heavy acquisitive and divestive environment. JAC helps create an equal but separate strategy for each firm. In one instance, JAC worked with a global insurance firm with more than 1,800 users spread over 30 locations. The firm was running on legacy services for their cloud-based solutions, with a mixture of data carriers, and was looking for an optimal solution to streamline their operations.

We are unique in the telecommunications consulting and procurement space as we formalize our strategic approach to network optimization with a dated scope of work, portal-based project management and inventory management for day 2 support

JAC performed the custom scope of work and implemented solutions, including a secure firewall and SD-WAN. With JAC, the client moved from a legacy MSP to a premier dedicated infrastructure with a hybrid design that improved their service and security. The client also saved more than $3 million dollars on the project.

"Alexis from John Alexander Consulting has proven time and time again her expertise and understanding of the telecom industry to always deliver the best service and contract terms, both from a financial and SLA perspective. I can count on her to represent my company and to always have the company’s best interest. Day or night she is available and is always willing to go above and beyond, many times outside of her obligations, to ensure any issue is being timely and appropriately attended to. I 100% recommend Alexis for all your telecom needs," reads a testimony from Christian Fortucci, VP, Technology Operations, EQUINOX.

JAC has created a culture fueled by the mission to consistently do the right thing for the client. With customer-centricity at the core, the company continues to build on its impeccable reputation by earning the trust of every client it works with.

John Alexander Consulting

New York, NY

Alexis Pomierski, Executive Director

John Alexander Consulting is a carrier and cloud-neutral telecommunications consulting and procurement firm representing over 300 global providers in designing, procuring, and implementing ideal solutions for its client's environment.

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