JOHO, LLC: Data Integration for Better Business Metrics

Jim Rohde, Founder & CEO
With the increased pressure to deliver higher profits and excellent customer service, financial institutions (FIs) are finding ways to leverage data and improve efficiencies. The ongoing struggle to obtain a single, 360-degree view of account holders and households are often preventing FIs from understanding their total relationship with customers, and improving cross-sell, wallet share, and lifetime value. These institutions are also seeking better insight into their transaction activity and costs across all channels to better understand customer interactions, as well as negotiate more favorable contracts with solution providers. JOHO addresses these needs by providing quality data integration and analysis to help FIs better understand their metrics and performance trends over time. “I founded JOHO after experiencing the tremendous value of turning data into information and identifying a need for a ‘one stop’ solution in the financial services industry,” remarks Jim Rohde, Founder and CEO, JOHO.

The company’s JOHO OneSource™ solution is a data model built on .NET framework, which facilitates the integration of data from all vendors and products. As many FIs already own some type of Microsoft SQL Server licensing, JOHO OneSource™ was built on a SQL Server database to keep licensing costs and learning curves low. “We use SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) to manage our Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) process and are able to load data from practically any data source into our data model,” explains Rohde.

JOHO OneSource™ solution comes with a JOHO AYR™ (Are You Ready?) assessment process that helps determine a client’s business intelligence (BI) readiness. JOHO conducts a comprehensive review of a client’s business and IT environment in preparation for a BI initiative, and delivers a thorough report and presentation of the findings. “Regardless of whether or not the companies choose our solution, they receive a strategic document outlining current and future issues and requirements, along with a road-map of how to get to where they want to go,” remarks Rohde. Also, the solution’s JOHO ROI™ model, an ongoing process, helps identify the “return on investment” the clients receive from JOHO OneSource™.

As JOHO expands, we’ll continue to leverage a ‘best practices’ approach to delivering high-value dashboarding and reports to all levels within the organization

The company leverages existing and ongoing product development from its partners and incorporate their Agile methodologies into its solution delivery, allowing it to focus on real business solutions for its clients, rather than just cool reports. “Using the Agile approach, we are able to get results and solutions implemented more quickly and with less overhead, ultimately bringing down the overall cost of our JOHO OneSource™ solution,” says Rohde.

JOHO is currently engaged with several FIs to implement their JOHO OneSource™ solution. This enables their executives and personnel to deliver numerous BI solutions, increase loan volumes, and cost of funds analysis by product. The clients are also able to seamlessly integrate transfer pricing data at the customer, account, and product level, and deliver significant value through numerous BI reporting solutions.

“As JOHO expands, we’ll continue to leverage a ‘best practices’ approach to delivering high-value dashboarding and reports to all levels within the organization to help empower employees to make the best decisions possible with the best data possible,” says Rohde. The company is also in discussions with several core processing vendors and data centers to identify opportunities for delivering the JOHO OneSource™ solution to all existing and future customers.


West Fargo, ND

Jim Rohde, Founder & CEO and Bill Goulet, Partner & SVP Business Solutions

Provides quality data integration and analysis and help customers better understand their metrics and performance trends over time