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Jeff Oskin, President and CEO
Organizations today desire a close-knit and more intimate working relationship with their end-customers in order to exceed expectations and keep customer satisfaction top-of-mind. At times, this is harder to achieve than anticipated due to the lack of internal processes and technology constraints that bars organizations from delivering a seamless experience to their end-customers.

“We help companies achieve their goals of delivering excellent customer service by integrating Salesforce,” says Jeff Oskin, president, and CEO of Jolt Consulting Group. The company delivers a frictionless experience to its clients by utilizing Salesforce’s primary products— Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Field Service Lightning.

“We understand the business of service better because we have lived it,” explains Oskin. Coming from an entrepreneurial lineage, Oskin, a third-generation entrepreneur, lives and breathes the business of service. The CEO recognized the void in the marketplace early on where there weren’t any third-party organizations that understood the business of service to provide the relevant guidance to organizations, especially in the mid and low-enterprise markets.

Jolt Consulting Group’s association with Salesforce is focused on helping customers differentiate themselves in the business arena by bringing together a holistic view of the company’s customers to make it easier for them to do business. “We are uniquely positioned to help our customers grow their service revenue and profit as a strategic element of their overall business,” states Oskin.

Although there are numerous Salesforce partners, there are some key differentiators that set Jolt Consulting Group apart from its contemporaries. Domain expertise coupled with pre-packaged processes accentuates the uniqueness of this Salesforce partner. Jolt Consulting Group’s pre-packaged best-in-class processes and configurations allow an organization to quickly plug in best practices, templates, and processes to transform their business in order to achieve symbiotic interactions that deepen customer relationships.
“By implementing these tactics, it leapfrogs businesses ahead, transforming their processes from where they are today to where they need to go to be successful tomorrow,” says Oskin. The company also adopts a “three-high” advantage process, an agile and scrum-based approach to implementation focused on short sprints for delivering value as quickly as possible.

We understand the business of service better because we have lived it

Jolt Consulting Group prides itself on being a trusted Salesforce partner, and the joint venture has been instrumental in more than 60 successful Salesforce implementations across 14 different product markets. The company has been one of the early implementers of Salesforce’s new product, Field Service Lightning. According to Oskin, “We have implemented the largest number of Field Service Lightning opportunities to date, as compared to other Salesforce partners.”

A high-flying reputation, which has garnered potential customers, is the outcome of its clients’ staunch faith in Jolt Consulting Group. As Oskin recalls, “A US-based, global manufacturer of nuclear radiation measurement in safety equipment had concerns regarding the sales process. Our team rolled out the Sales Cloud and the Service Cloud to mitigate this concern. This enabled the manufacturer to drive sales, automate and manage sales processes, and garner visibility into sales operations. As a result, there was 20 percent improvement in the quality of sales, 23 percent improvement in the service workforce utilization, and a positive impact on customer satisfaction as measured in the net promoter score.”

Going forward, Jolt Consulting Group has plans for business expansion through acquisition and adding more Salesforce products such as ERP into the portfolio to extend their reach across the enterprise. “Our focus through our enduring partnership with Salesforce has always been on building relationships that carry our message to a wider audience,” added Oskin.

Jolt Consulting Group

Saratoga Springs, NY

Jeff Oskin, President and CEO

Helps organizations in transitioning to and optimizing the use of Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Field Service Lightning

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