Jonas Construction: Software Driving Service and Project Management through Web Based Cloud Solutions

Barry Symons, CEO, Jonas Operating Group at Constellation Software Inc (CSI)
The construction landscape has changed drastically over the last few years. The industry has moved from traditional point solutions to comprehensive enterprise solutions designed with automation and collaboration in mind so that companies can enjoy double digit growth with the same number of resources. The market also demands cloud access for the entire systems so that everyone has the ability to access information from anywhere, anytime. Integrated solutions that can eliminate double entry, and provide meaningful and real time reporting have become the need of the hour. Led by Barry Symons, Jonas Construction Software has converted these challenges into beneficial opportunities with its industry-leading business management, accounting, and enterprise management software solutions.

When it comes to the construction industry, one size does not fit all. Jonas appreciates this fact and offers a wide range of cloud and server based software to fit these unique requirements. Hundreds of general contractors across North America trust Jonas every day to manage, control and improve profitability of their projects, from bid to completion. Jonas expertise also allow contractors and project managers to access critical details related to the customer, inventory, and equipment to make superior decisions using real-time information. The company wants to ensure that their clients have integrated solutions that require minimal third party products, and offers feature rich ERP solutions and simpler project based cloud solutions.

Jonas’ ERP solution cover a wide range of functionalities including accounting, project management, service management, asset/inventory management, payroll management, document management, mobility, as well as, all the cross functional real time reporting tools required by various construction niches. “Having an ERP solution means that you are providing a single source for most of our clients’ software needs,” asserts Symons. “We also review trends, emerging technologies and make product decisions based on them,” he adds.
Jonas’ solutions are inherently flexible in nature and are designed with a balanced approach in service and job cost. The company has had success in implementation and customer satisfaction withcontractors from many diverse backgrounds. The success story of Western Oil Services, which is a company that offers full range of services to the petroleum, industrial, commercial and institutional markets, is a case in point. The client had invested close to $150,000 in an accounting package that proved to be inadequate in terms of reporting, inventory control and dispatch capability. Although Western Oil considered other industry-based software, positive word of mouth pushed Jonas Enterprise to the top of the list. “Before Jonas, it was difficult to figure out what work we had performed or find the customer history,” recalls Anh Diep, Controller, Western Oil Services.

We want to ensure that our clients have integrated solutions and require minimal third party products

“The Jonas Enterprise Dispatch module has really helped us streamline our work orders and summarize the information we needed. Now, we can go back and look at a full customer history and get insight into any issues we might be having.” “Reporting has never been easier,” he adds.

Jonas follows ‘A Software for Life’ philosophy and moving ahead the company aims to incorporate many changes to improve their clients overall experience. This not only includes product changes but also internal process changes for improvement of various teams to ensure high level of customer satisfaction. “One of our product goals is to focus on mobile applications across all devices as we move towards the new ‘internet of things,’” notes Symons. “Another key item in process is Business Intelligence improvements and we are striving to meet the ever increasing needs for more sophisticated reporting tools and KPI measurements that our clients are seeking,” he concludes.

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Barry Symons, CEO, Jonas Operating Group at Constellation Software Inc (CSI)

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