JRNI: Customer Engagement Platform for Omnichannel Conversion

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John Federman, CEO
Collaborative work has become a basic necessity for business and employees are provided with numerous software-based platforms to collaborate, share information and accomplish group tasks effectively. With the team scheduling features of an appointment scheduling software, even employees or clients from overseas can view each other’s schedules to manage their time better and to schedule team conference calls, collaborative work sessions, and meetings. This promotes more cohesive group collaboration. Also, in service industries, managers and supervisors can benefit from team scheduling platforms by tracking an employee’s work schedule and determine which employees are available to be scheduled to a particular team or a task. JRNI, a London based company, is delivering a Saas-based Appointment scheduling platform integrated with Customer relationship management for driving customer loyalty, customer lifetime value (CLV) and overall profits.

The company’s artificial intelligence (AI) enabled platform simplifies complex scheduling and utilizes analytics to support various business critical decisions. JRNI’s Insights application allows clients to monitor performance, including peak times, top employees easily, and increases collaboration in between employees. The platform’s services include CRM, payment, and also calendar to maintain seamless connectivity in an enterprise’s existing systems, to achieve an accurate 360-degree customer view.

With JRNI, employees can view their personal calendars and immediately see meetings, appointments, or conferences they have lined up. With a quick glance, other team members can view the availability of colleagues for meetings or any collaborative task. This reduces the need for emails and other inefficient means of scheduling meetings or group work. Providing transparent calendars allows employees and clients to manage schedules without navigating the hurdle of back-and-forth communication.

The speed and ease of online bookings save employees time and improves customer service.

JRNI’s appointment scheduling feature gives clients the freedom to make an appointment or cancel them if necessary. The speed and ease of online bookings save employees time and improves customer service.

In addition to features such as payment and customer relationship management, businesses can benefit from additional increases in efficiency and offer more personalized customer experiences. With JRNI, appointment and staff availability are managed through AI driven workflows, so enterprises can get an at-a-glance view of all customer interactions, identify key-behavior patterns and book services from their phone, tablet, or laptop through any channel including face to face, video, SMS, chat, and many more.

JRNI’s efficiency can be further understood through a customer success story, where JRNI collaborated with Oriental bank noticed that customers that booked online experienced shorter wait times by over 50%. As the staff already knew the purpose of the customer’s visit, through the platform, the staffs were able to gather data to provide an enhanced experience. The bank considered JRNI’s platform as a foundation on which it built the next steps. All the high-value bookings were funneled in-branch, and lower value bookings were handled with apps.

In conclusion, JRNI’s appointment scheduling software increases efficiency, saves time, boost profits and reduce costs. JRNI’s platform facilitates the highest standard of capacity planning and time management across the business, which makes a business more competitive and desirable to customers.


London, United Kingdom

John Federman, CEO

JRNI offers a single, versatile platform that supports a range of time-driven customer and workforce’s needs via powerful human-to-human experiences that increase revenue, customer loyalty, and customer lifetime value. JRNI’s platform offers a complete suite of applications for appointment scheduling, events management, queue management, Call Center, and insights with an AI-powered scheduling engine at its core, which is proven to boost customer satisfaction and increase sales. Global Enterprises rely on JRNI’s AI-driven scheduling engine to engage customers, online to offline, via events, appointments, and queuing to deliver superior experiences