JumpMind: Providing Creative, Practical, and Easy to Use Software

Greg Wilmer, President & CEO
The increasingly geographically dispersed nature of companies in combination with their growing reliance on the benefits of technology at those locations creates a greater need to keep data integrated and in sync. From moving data centers to the cloud to field branches and offices to brick and mortar store locations, we see the need for data synchronization and integration services continually growing. Our retail customers need to keep data sets in sync across not only physical locations but physical devices as well. From mobile units and registers within a store, to store back offices, regional back offices and corporate headquarters, data for item, tax , transactions, and customers must be seamlessly integrated in near-real time across infrastructure that tends to have its ups and downs. That’s where JumpMind, a provider of software products, services, and consulting, including Symmetric DS data replication and synchronization software comes in. “We provide software and services that allow our customers to use a single, consistent, reliable mechanism to synchronize that data,” says Greg Wilmer, President and Chief Executive Officer, of the firm.

Jumping To the Rescue

JumpMind is a software and services company that specializes in data integration and synchronization for the enterprise. The firm’s offerings include Symmetric DS Pro, its premiere database and file synchronization software, used to synchronize databases and files across large numbers of nodes. It allows seamlessly integrating databases regardless of vendor (for example, Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, DB2, MongoDB, et al.) as well as files and file systems. The software is used across many vertical markets world-wide, by companies ranging in size from small to Fortune 500.
The firm also offers a JumpStart engagement, a consulting service on either a fixed bid or time and materials basis for designing and implementing integration and synchronization solutions. It also provides support for its products and solutions. “Our sole focus is integration and synchronization. Having built and supported data synchronization scenarios across the globe for clients large and small, our company has unique insight and experience in creating highly scalable, robust, low maintenance and low cost solutions,” adds Greg. He goes on to say “Our products allow you to configure your synchronization scenario, not code it. They are easy to set up, quick to configure, highly scalable, and extremely robust and reliable.” With regards to its customers, for Greg, “The customer is number one”. All of the consultants and support engineers at JumpMind contribute to the code of the product. Knowing the software extremely well and having real world experience in leveraging the software to enhance their customers’ businesses has played a huge part in retaining customers in retail, oil and gas, high tech and other verticals. Although having already shown an exponential growth, the firm even today continues to evolve its products based on customer feedback and requests. Mobile, big data and the continued evolution of smarter integration solutions continue to be the firm’s drive.

We provide software and services that allow our customers to use a single, consistent, reliable mechanism to synchronize the data


Columbus, OH

Greg Wilmer, President & CEO

A provider of software products, services, and consulting, including SymmetricDS data replication and synchronization software.