Junction Solutions: Enabling Retailers To Deliver A Customer-Centric Experience

Jeff Grell, Founder & CEO
To realize the vision of retailing, retailers need single views of customers: how they buy, what they buy, how much they buy, and what promotions motivate them to actively participate in purchasing products. The ultimate goal is to advance that further and not just deliver what customers think they want but also what they need.

Junction Solutions, headquartered in Denver, CO, helps customers align and optimize the way they do business by providing vertical-specific, on-premise, and on-demand software applications that help organizations enhance operational performance, reduce costs, and expand delivery channels.

“Retailers get access to business intelligence that allows them to better target customers"

Jeff Grell, Co-founder and President of Junction Solutions, has built a reputation for offering continuous innovation in industry-specific solution suites for Food & Beverage, Retail, CPG, and Life Sciences businesses while providing support and customer services backed by a global technology leader–Microsoft.

Junction Solutions collaborates with Microsoft Dynamics AX to offer a single, comprehensive retail solution. The solution coordinates activities from the web, call center, and brick and mortar channels to help its clients with informative inputs.

For retail businesses, the firm provides merchants with the flexibility and functionality critical to connecting people, processes, and profitability while helping to drive customer engagement as it enables retailers to deliver a customer-centric experience across the entire lifecycle of the customer. “Consumers are seeking more informed purchase scenarios across channels and, ultimately, the optimal shopping experience. Retailers must embrace the notion of ‘anytime–anywhere’ retailing, and Junction Solutions’ cross-channel solutions and business services deliver the 360 degrees of visibility necessary to bring this concept to reality,” says Grell.
Through Junction Solutions’ applications, retailers get access to business intelligence that allows them to better target customers with offers and promotions based on defined business rules and purchasing behavior. Once a customer is ready to buy, Junction Solutions streamlines order fulfillment and provides visibility into customer data for responsive customer service when needed. Information such as inventory, order, and customer data is visible across operational silos and is fully integrated with the organization’s general ledger.

According to Grell, “It is up to retailers to leverage technology smartly and to use it in support of a strategy that creates a truly seamless shopping experience.” The company’s solutions and services are particularly ideal for retailers with high volume and complex and dynamic supply chains. From Peet’s Coffee & Tea to Simon Pearce to the Royal Canadian Mint, Junction Solutions has worked with many of the top brands in the business. It has also formed a strong partnership with organizations from varied industries like hardware, financial reporting, hosting, ecommerce, business intelligence, mobile, shipping, etc.

The company’s services are typically used by retailers with multi-channel operations. Its products offer retail specific functionality addressing a retailer’s distinct business processes and multi-channel operations. Retailers gain cross-channel insight to improve customer service by immediate access to cross-channel purchase history, preference information, product searches, inventory availability, shipping status, issues, and many more similar services related to improving the retail sector status.

As the retail marketplace gets dynamic and fiercely competitive, Junction Solutions strategizes to further strengthen its services by looking deeper into the complex issues of retailing.

Junction Solutions

Denver, CO

Jeff Grell, Founder & CEO

Junction Solutions collaborates with Microsoft Dynamics AX to offer a single, comprehensive retail solution.