Jungle Disk: The Data Guardian of Small Businesses

Bret Piatt, President & CEO
It is 11 PM on a Saturday night in San Antonio, TX and Bret Piatt is all set to host his weekly show, “Cyber Talk Radio,” on News Radio 1200 WOAI—the local talk radio station. The show airs high-level discussions about technology and cybersecurity trends and makes use of its segments to educate WOAI’s business listeners on how those trends and best practices can be leveraged—a unique, neoteric approach of helping businesses grow. It is Bret and Jungle Disk’s mission to help small businesses experience the benefits of enterprise-level data security solutions. In 2006, Jungle Disk was founded to create one of the first, one-of-a-kind software that offers accessible data backup and enterprise-level storage services to small businesses on the Amazon Cloud. Jungle Disk’s online backup software delivers data protection capabilities to small businesses using cloud computing, creating a much more reliable and consistent service than outdated methods such as tape backup.

Although most businesses focus on managing operations from a technology standpoint to drive efficiency and growth, certain mishaps like natural calamities, hard drive failures, and cyberattacks are not always predictable. Specifically designed for small businesses with 2 to 250 employees, Jungle Disk provides encrypted off-site cloud backup services that give users the option to safely store data in Rackspace or Amazon Web Services. The unique feature of Jungle Disk’s backup solution is its configurable data retention, which automates the entire data retrieval process. “Users can configure their own business data retention policy to dictate how long a previous version of backed up data should be retained and the number of copies to be stored, while adhering to the necessary regulatory requirements of their specific industry,” informs Piatt, president and CEO, Jungle Disk.

But today, backing up data in a remote, cloud storage is only half the battle. The global rise in ‘agents of chaos’ like ransomware, malware, and botnets have made small businesses their soft targets, owing to the lack of resources to fortify their cyber-arsenal.

Users can configure their own business data retention to dictate how long a previous version of backed up data should be retained based on their specific industry requirements

“While many enterprise firms have teams to deploy advanced data security technologies, smaller companies are stuck in an overlong face-off with stripped down budget and solutions that fail to come in handy in times of need,” explains Piatt. Given the menacing nature of this scenario, Jungle Disk provides data security services in addition to cloud-based data backup. Its data security services combine the most powerful, multi-layer, military-grade technology with the cost savings and speed of the cloud to help small businesses protect their most critical data.

In one instance, Coastal Pension Consultants—a full-service pension consulting firm—needed to store retirement documents securely and in an organized manner as per record-holders’ names. Jungle Disk helped Coastal Pension Consultants create separate online disks for each person and customize the data access. Furthermore, Coastal Pension Consultants gained the ability to create snapshots of backed up information to analyze the state of the data.

In the years to come, Jungle Disk intends to continue being a trusted partner and data security expert for small businesses to protect their most critical data and offer world-class services at affordable prices. Piatt believes that the Internet has empowered small business to boost their productivity levels and he is focused on making this digital transformation safer.

Jungle Disk

San Antonio, TX

Bret Piatt, President & CEO

Jungle Disk provides businesses network security and backup solutions to protect critical data from system failure, human error, and cyberattacks

Jungle Disk