Junxure: Boutique CRM for Financial Advisors

Greg Friedman, President & Co-founder
Greg Friedman, president and co-founder of Junxure, leverages his prodigious knowledge in the wealth management arena to help clients achieve their personal financial goals. Recognized as one of the nation’s leading financial planners, Friedman observed that financial advisors face rising client expectations, growing competition from peers and robo-advisors, and expanding compliance requirements. Financial advisors understand the critical needs for an enhanced client service and efficiency more than ever. Junxure was created by financial advisors to fill a void in the marketplace with a constantly evolving product portfolio tailored to meet the needs of its clients. Today, Junxure is an industry leader in advisor technology and practice management solutions with more than 12,000 active users backed with a client retention rate of 95 percent.

North Carolina-based Junxure offers industry-focused customer relationship management platforms (CRM), which include Junxure (on-premise version) and Junxure Cloud (cloud-based version) that support better productivity and enhanced client relationships through a wide range of advisor-specific capabilities and powerful workflow automation tools. “We see a lot of movement by firms of all sizes to the cloud as an inexpensive and secure way to run their businesses with more freedom and flexibility to work from anywhere at any time,” explains Friedman.

What sets Junxure Cloud apart from its competitors is its advanced workflow capabilities. The system boasts a plethora of features and functionality designed to streamline and track firm-wide processes and procedures. Junxure Cloud users can take advantage of workflow tools that range from pre-built to full-customizable, single-step to multi-step, or triggered by custodian-generated alerts. The result is greater efficiency and a consistent client service experience that can’t be delivered by other advisor-specific CRM offerings today.

Their Client Service Monitor, which comes included with Junxure Cloud, is a completely unique feature that offers advisors a personalized approach to servicing their clients by adding a level of automation to the services they look to deliver.

Many are making the move to Junxure Cloud as an inexpensive and secure way to run their businesses

Users can configure the Monitor to automatically deliver reminders and workflows around time-sensitive client imperatives.

Junxure also has deep integrations with many of the best vendors in Fintech, as well as more widely used programs like Microsoft Outlook. Friedman is a big proponent for tighter technology integration in the financial planning industry and is one of the few to be honored with “Best in Tech” by Charles Schwab.

“There are numerous organizations offering long lineups of integrations that merely check a box in an advisor’s must-have list but lack any substance or capability. Often their bundled solutions have one top-notch product, while the CRM part of the package is subpar,” says Friedman. Junxure takes the opposite approach. Their strategy has always been to provide the tools that advisors need to run a better business, to build meaningful integrations with leading platforms serving RIAs, and to support users with best-in-class service and support.

Junxure maintains an aggressive product roadmap to deliver expanded features, functionality, and integrations to enhance its application on a regular basis. Specifically, the company is focused on deepening its integrations with other top technology providers, with an emphasis on data automation, analytics and reporting widgets, as well as prospecting and business development tools for the days to come.

On top of it all, Junxure Cloud is scalable to grow with an advisor’s practice and easy to use. As an added bonus, Junxure users have untethered access to training and support teams that know the industry inside and out.


Raleigh, NC

Greg Friedman, President & Co-founder

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