Just Analytics: Bridging the Gap between Oracle Solutions and Business Objectives

Hemanta Banerjee, Founder & Director
Of late, there has been a paradigm shift in the industry with analytics getting impacted with the consumerization as with other technologies like Cloud and mobile. The decisions for Business Intelligence (BI) and Business Analytics (BA) are now made by Line of Business (LOB) owners trying to use analytics to make themselves be more effective rather than IT. They recognize the well-defined features of Oracle solutions to gain the desired analytics outcomes. However, the lack of IT expertise may cause hindrance in translating the software capabilities into realized business requirement and also ensure to get maximum benefit from implementations. This is where Just Analytics comes into the picture with its deep technology expertise coupled with methodology of prototyping and standardization of Oracle solution implementations to meet customer needs.

Being an Oracle Gold Partner, the company works closely with Oracle’s field representatives and solution consultants to ensure that we implement solutions in a manner that is in line with how the product was designed to work. “We are with the product development and oracle field team through beta programs, and are among the first partners to test and validate their new solutions, and provide feedback to them based on real customer scenarios,” says Hemanta Banerjee, Founder, and Director of Just Analytics. “This has offered us the expertise in Oracle solution implementations, and orienting them towards fulfilling the business objectives.”

Leveraging Oracle technology, Just Analytics implements the latest technologies such as Exalytics, Oracle 12c In-memory data warehouse and Oracle Spatial/Locator technologies. “With Spatial analytics we have helped one of the Telco companies in ASEAN region to optimize their distribution network—helping them understand the revenue by area and setting up stores and towers based on coverage,” explains Hemanta.

For a leading shipping company in Singapore, Just Analytics delivered financial budgeting, operational analytics and financial reporting in a multi-phase implementation.

Our JINI is a ‘product or an app’, which the customers can deploy on the Oracle BI platform to immediately get benefits

This helped the customer to plan and monitor their revenue, running costs and profitability of each of their fleet.

On EPM Front Just Analytics primarily focuses on Oracle Planning solutions both on premise and in cloud. “Planning is not an isolated finance activity—it’s a company activity— everybody is involved right from HR for manpower planning, Marketing for activity planning, LOB heads for operational planning etc however unfortunately it’s seen as a finance specific domain,” explains Hemanta. Just Analytics gives customer, a planning solution that can cater to all parts of organization to any level of granularity.

Garnered with customer interactions and deployment, the company has designed Just Insights (JINI); a set of pre-built analytical applications for specific LOB (HR/Finance) executives across various industries such as manufacturing and logistics. “There is intended pun here because we believe that with JINI we have something truly magical that can help customers improve their business and processes very quickly,” claims Hemanta. In analytics, Content is key and with tailored content specifically for LOB/Industry, Our JINI is a ‘product or an app’, which the customers can deploy on the Oracle BI platform to immediately get benefits,” he adds.

Hemanta describes that the company’s pillars are—adaptability, depth of knowledge, and excellent execution. Currently, the company is planning on working with customers to help them with Oracle technology. “While the first Release of JINI is for Finance, you will see sustained release of JINI for all LOB’s across more and more industries,” concludes Hemanta.

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Hemanta Banerjee, Founder & Director

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