JustEnough: Modernizing Retail Planning

Peter Leith, VP of Product Strategy
The retail landscape has changed dramatically over the last decade with the emergence of new selling channels and increasingly demanding and unpredictable consumers. Besides giving consumers more control over their shopping experience, this omni-channel retail model enables shoppers to channel and retailer hop as they move through their shopping journey. They are armed with mobile devices and more information than ever before allowing them to search for products until they find what they want at a price they are willing to pay.

Retailers today understand that customers are now in the driver’s seat and that keeping up requires taking a customer-centric approach to planning. Fortunately retailers have access to mountains of information about their customers from transactional to eCommerce shopping journey to loyalty data and more, but many are challenged to make sense of the data and then take appropriate action.

Based in Irvine, CA, JustEnough offers a fully integrated, end-to-end suite of planning software that is helping leading retailers worldwide drive greater omni-channel inventory efficiencies and keep up with today’s always connected consumer. JustEnough’s suite includes Merchandise Financial Planning, Assortment Planning, Allocation, Replenishment, Markdown Planning, Price Management, Promotion Management and Customer Insights. “With our integrated planning solution, retailers can efficiently and accurately create and execute pre-season, in-season and post-season plans,” remarks Peter Leith, Vice President of Product Strategy, JustEnough.

Retail's consumer-centric transformation has brought into focus the need for retailers to develop capabilities to gather and analyse customer data across all channels and touchpoints and to have technology that supports customer data-driven decision making. Merchandise planning has traditionally been product-centric and largely based on merchant intuition. Now with consumers in the driver's seat in today's omni-channel and digital age of retail, that approach needs to change.

To help retailers make this change, earlier this year JustEnough launched its Customer Insights solution that is uniquely positioned to enable retailers to analyse customer data and turn it into actionable insights to optimize assortments, promotions and pricing.

We continually innovate our solutions to help retailers keep pace with the ever-evolving retail landscape

“Customer centricity has come to the forefront as a critical component of the overall retail planning process—especially as consumer expectations for getting the products they want, when and where they want them continues to increase,” adds Leith. “Our solutions were built from the ground up for omni-channel planning and by embracing actionable insights from customer data retailers using our solutions can gain the efficiency, relevancy and agility needed to prosper in today's omni-channel retail environment.”

With an intuitive, flexible user interface and OnSite and OnCloud deployment options, JustEnough enables retailers of all sizes to continuously optimize planning across their channels. For instance, one of the fastest growing sports apparel and footwear companies turned to JustEnough for help properly allocating products to its retail stores. The company struggled to provide the right mix of products in the correct sizing to their customers due to system limitations. “We implemented our Allocation solution to quickly distribute available stock to the required sales channel and location, ensuring products reached customers on time, in the right sizes and the right quantities,” states Leith. Additionally, the client was also able to consolidate, automate and streamline planning across its channels—reducing overall capital expenditure on inventory.

JustEnough plans to stay focused on continually enhancing and adding to its retail planning solution suite. “We continually innovate our solutions to help retailers keep pace with the ever-evolving retail landscape,” Leith adds. Through this focus on innovation and partnership with leading retailers, JustEnough will continue to keep ahead of retail trends and provide the best possible retail planning experience available in the market today.

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Peter Leith, VP of Product Strategy

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