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Kate Mitchell, Co-Founder & CEO Today’s telecommunication industry is bombarded with high-volume data streams, making it increasingly challenging for operators to be able to analyze all of the data to increase operational efficiency and improve the customer’s experience through Customer Experience Management (CEM). The volume and velocity at which this data arrives makes it difficult to collect, process, and analyze the data for better decision making and increased monetization. For instance, network operators often probe their networks to attain the most granular network event data—but this data cannot be backhauled across the network to a central location for analysis because each individual probe generates millions of messages per minute. This forces the network operator to filter and aggregate data to reduce the volume of data collected and processed—resulting in loss of useful data and missed opportunities to avoid revenue loss from degraded network performance or poor customer experience. Being able to readily retain and access this data is beneficial both in CEM applications requiring a full 360° view of customer interactions and in detailed investigations into network performance anomalies.

“Existing solutions are not equipped to handle or leverage the vast amount of data being collected by operational systems, and therefore operators lack the crucial intelligence to offer better service and deliver overall operational efficiencies across the network,” remarks Kate Mitchell, Co-Founder and CEO of JustOne Database. As an innovator of the first, agile analytics database, JustOne fundamentally changes the way data is stored and accessed within a database. The database allows operators to collect the data at its most granular detail at the source and fully analyze the data across the network without needing to physically move it to a central location. Founded with a mission to deliver big data analytics with unprecedented agility, scalability, and simplicity, JustOne has reinvented the relational database at its very foundation.

Harnessing the Data Tsunami

Telecommunication operators today have become accustomed to managing databases with hundreds of terabytes of structured data and using vast hardware deployments to process it. But industry analysts believe that the volume and velocity of data will increase by orders of magnitude over the next few years due to the explosion of connected mobile devices, content and the Internet of Things—resulting in a major challenge for operators. As a breakthrough database for analyzing data across an entire network, JustOne provides a solution to these challenges.

The solution can operate as a federation of databases, each co-located alongside the source of the data and hosted on small commodity hardware servers, offering immediate access to terabytes of data.

The firm offers operators the ability to fully capture and analyze data at the source, avoiding the need to physically move it to a central location

The federation can be queried as a single logical database from a central location with queries passed to each database co-located close to the source and analyzed locally, so that only query results are passed back across the network. The agility characteristics of the database permit both broad analytics as well as detailed forensic drill-down to the granular detail, with each database at the edge operating autonomously, with no administration, tuning or intervention. “With JustOneDB, arbitrary queries can be serviced in real time without any database pre-design or compromise. Most importantly, the database can support constantly changing business requirements without having to be redesigned to accommodate the new requirements,” points out Duncan Pauly, Co-Founder and CTO, JustOne. JustOneDB is fully SQL-compliant supporting all existing BI tools, and is therefore ideally suited to the demands of big data analytics.

Fostering Customer Loyalty

To tackle the challenge of analyzing voluminous data for best quality service, JustOne offers the operator far greater capacity to analyze and take corrective action—moving from reactive to proactive, to enable the delivery of a high quality service very cost-effectively. Recently, JustOne worked closely with a partner to deliver a large scale distributed edge-analytics solution across multiple telecommunications operators, each capturing billions of records per day, and retained for months for analysis. Using JustOneDB, the need to backhaul terabytes of data across the network was completely avoided and analytics are performed centrally in real time with the data remaining at the edge of the network.

Working with another partner, JustOneDB seamlessly replaced an existing legacy relational database that was creaking under the volume of data. Within weeks, the firm allowed the partner to expand its functionality, vastly improve response times, and support much larger customers driving more revenue to the partner. “The rich functionality and performance characteristics that we delivered enabled the client to offer big data solutions more cost effectively than before, resulting in opportunities to drive additional revenue with enhanced margins,” said Paul McCafferty, Co-Founder and SVP R&D, JustOne.

Typically, while delivering a core piece of infrastructure software such as a database, it can take weeks or months to validate that the new product works as promised, and the design, test and implementation phases normally span many months or years.
“With JustOneDB, we are able to conduct a full scale proof of concept where we demonstrate the product supporting huge data volumes across a wide range of queries unique to the customer within a matter of days,” Kate affirms. “And then we make it extraordinarily easy for the software vendor of systems integrator to implement and maintain the database.”

Leading the ‘Digital Addiction’ Journey

Looking ahead, a “digital addiction” is underway with the broad availability of video on demand, mobile TV and online gaming,” Kate says. In order to support these services, which consume enormous amounts of bandwidth, the immediate need is to gather and analyze both network data as well as individual user data. With direct access to massive data sets, rich insights including subscriber usage and preferences are available; the key challenge is harnessing the data for analysis, insights and action. “Solutions like JustOneDB with data driven analytics will enable mobile operators to offer a higher quality of service, improve their ability to do personalized marketing and improve customer care. The agility characteristics of the solution—particularly coupled with big data volumes and edge computing—create a unique value proposition.”

"JustOneDB with data-driven analytics enables mobile operators to offer a higher quality of service, do personalized marketing, and improve customer experience"

In another compelling example, one of JustOne’s customers needed access to real-time network performance data as they were on the verge of merging with another mobile provider. The client did not have a unified view across multiple network equipment providers, and required a solution before the merger commenced. “We ran a POC and successfully installed the system ahead of their deadline. And the system has been running seamlessly now for more than a year,” according to Kate.

Having established a number of strong partnerships across multiple sectors—driving revenue for both partners and the company—the passionate and focused team at JustOne is on a path to help create numerous innovative solutions. Moreover, JustOne is expanding its operations in Europe and the U.S., as well as adding additional software and services partners globally.

Presenting a compelling solution to meet some of the most unique challenges created by the Internet of Things (IoT), the company is focusing its efforts on this burgeoning market. There are a number of unique features that will be added to JustOneDB in 2016 that exploit some new intellectual property around data encryption. “In a world where large volumes of data are moving in and out of networks and the cloud, security is of utmost concern. The JustOne team is geared up to offer cost-effective, cutting edge solutions to address the enormous challenges created by the IoT; unconstrained by functional and performance sacrifices, undue complexity or massive hardware required by alternative approaches,” concludes the CEO, on a promising note.

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Kate Mitchell, Co-Founder & CEO and Duncan Pauly, Co-Founder & CTO Paul McCafferty, Co-Founder and SVP R&D

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