K2: Streamline Workflows through Robust Business Applications

Adriaan van Wyk, CEO
Many organizations today are streamlining their processes and exploring ways to work smarter through improved collaboration and communication. Knowledge Management (KM), for instance, is growing by leaps and bounds because of its ability to attain multiple enterprise objectives. Delivering high-quality solutions for KM requires meticulous mapping capabilities between knowledge actions—organizing, gathering and distributing—and knowledge objects such as data, evaluations and experiences. Companies engaged in KM, however, often suffer from deficient mapping and improper execution of content lifecycle. To bridge this gap, K2, an enterprise product company, offers business applications that apart from facilitating creation and consumption of data, also enables controlling the flow of data. “Our extraordinary emphasis on management of document after its utilization empowers us, covering entire lifecycle of content,” says Adriaan van Wyk, CEO of K2.

K2 also focuses on the growth of information, and how it has evolved from scarce to superabundant. “With the pace information, creation is changing right before our eyes,” van Wyk says. “We take imperative steps to unleash real knowledgeable value out of enormous volumes of records.” To achieve this, K2 provides cutting-edge methodologies for capturing and managing information assets in a way that helps enterprises sustain a competitive advantage.

The company’s business application platform, K2 blackpearl, assists enterprises in streamlining their content and crafting business applications, comprised of work-processes and structures covering different parts, divisions and information sources. The information demands are met through utilizing elements such as forms, workflow, data and reports to disseminate information so that the “right information reaches the right person.” These practices result in the promotion of optimal efficiency and judicious organizational decisions.
“K2 blackpearl’s powerful rule frame and drag-and-drop tools facilitate a faster and easier way to create forms,” van Wyk says. Besides rationalized workflow, the additional flexibility of K2 applications includes the ability to be modified and re-used with little or no code, enabling an organization to keep up with evolving business trends.

K2 blackpearl’s powerful rule frame and drag-and-drop tools facilitate a faster and easier way to create forms

K2’s applications offer several other utilities, such as working for transactional systems, developing content with reference to contexts, and creating user interfaces. In addition, K2’s applications can be connected with existing SAP, Oracle, Dynamics CRM, and Salesforce systems to securely pull data from entire organizations, maintaining just one SOR (System of Record). “Moving on the lines of advanced applications, K2 also provides a cloud-based platform, Appit, that works equally well with on-premises SharePoint 2013 environment,” van Wyk says.

Utilizing these platforms’ dexterity, K2 has enabled hundreds of customers across many different verticals, including healthcare, legal, manufacturing, and finance, to gain significant benefits. For example, Shell, a global group of energy and petrochemical companies, capitalized upon the capabilities of K2 blackpearl to reduce costs and build workflows more quickly. In another instance, Island Savings, a Vancouverbased credit union, leveraged K2’s applications to streamline every aspect of their mortgage origination process. “We are focused on conducting great businesses,” van Wyk says of the future of K2. “Highly inspired by the uniqueness of the K2 Mountain, we strive to achieve similar kind of stature in the space of KM.”


Bellevue, WA

Adriaan van Wyk, CEO

Improves workflow through enterprise-class platform that facilitates building business applications in a more efficient and easier way.

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