Kadiska: Transforming Digital Experiences with Seamless Monitoring to SaaS and the Cloud

Gilles Huguenin, CEO
As organizations adapt to the new, remote working model, visibility of user experience (UX) has become more vital than ever in helping organizations remain competitive and efficient. However, with evolving trends like the rapid pace of digital transformation, skyrocketing cloud adoption, and traffic encryption capabilities increasing service desk overload, IT teams struggle to maintain visibility between users and the applications they use. The continued reliance on legacy technologies and lack of access to necessary monitoring tools also hinders firms from effectively detecting and diagnosing issues in digital experience.

Enter Kadiska, a leading digital experience monitoring (DEM) platform that provides end-to-end network and application performance visibility into employee and customer experiences.

Kadiska is a non-intrusive, SaaS-based monitoring solution with streamlined implementation, fast deployment, and low maintenance costs. Kadiska’s digital experience platform takes over where traditional application and network monitoring solutions like application performance management (APM) and network performance monitoring (NPM) lose visibility. It boosts transparency in internet-based SD-WANs, content delivery networks (CDNs), and networks secured by SASE/CASBs increasingly used to connect work-from-anywhere users with SaaS applications deployed across dynamic cloud platforms.

Besides end-user experience metrics, Kadiska offers a comprehensive network path analysis to uncover problems affecting visibility, connectivity, and security across hybrid networks. It identifies the influence of SaaS, web-based, and hybrid applications and helps IT teams collaborate with service providers to efficiently resolve performance issues impacting business performance and employee productivity.

“We offer a unified view that bridges network and IT operations with SRE/DevOps and helpdesk teams, allowing them to regain visibility into network and application performance and their impact on user experience,” says Gilles Huguenin, CEO.

Kadiska’s clientele includes Fortune 1000 retailers, manufacturers, and service-centric enterprises across aerospace, transportation, telecom, natural resources, digital advertising, industrial equipment, and IT service providers. Its ability to detect problems as users encounter them and conduct rapid correlation with network infrastructure and performance tests enables it to support a wide range of challenging use cases. The UX metrics help clients precisely detect and localize connectivity issues while network testing identifies the source of the problem, be it a SaaS vendor, cloud provider, or ISP. Kadiska sees network performance from the user’s perspective and identifies difficulties arising from browser performance and other overlooked factors. It enables clients to detect and resolve regional performance issues affecting onsite and remote workers.
The Kadiska platform includes a global network of managed test stations, allowing clients to assess network performance from all key cities, regions, and service providers without having to deploy test infrastructure. At the same time, Kadiska’s digital monitoring solutions are easy to deploy with simple licensing that scales from regional to global implementations.

We offer a unified view that bridges network and IT operations with SRE/DevOps and helpdesk teams, allowing them to regain visibility into network and application performance and their impact on user experience

Kadiska’s strong suit is its ability to correlate UX and network performance testing to deliver automated insights across user experience and group performance based on location, transaction, and device. This allows IT teams to rapidly determine if user-impacting issues originate from the network, application, browser, or cloud.

Through such competencies, Kadiska has ignited numerous success stories. A prime example of Kadiska’s customer excellence is its collaboration with Europe’s leading home improvement retailer that recently migrated their business-critical applications, including inventory systems, customer design services, in-store WiFi, unified communication, and point of sale (PoS) systems to SaaS and cloud-hosted applications. They use Kadiska’s platform to monitor these applications and the SD-WAN links connecting hundreds of stores to the cloud and SaaS hosting locations. Their customer can now proactively respond to any degradation impacting stores’ ability to serve customers. Problems that often took weeks to troubleshoot can now be resolved within minutes. They also use Kadiska to optimize SD-WAN performance by identifying and eliminating poorly performing internet connections and optimizing routing from stores to clouds and SaaS applications.

Since its establishment in 2020, Kadiska’s mission has been to assist companies in enhancing their performance and productivity through self-driving user experience monitoring and guided performance optimization for modern networks, apps, and cloud services. Kadiska is a well-known digital experience monitoring company, assisting organizations in accelerating problem resolution and optimizing network and infrastructure performance, as well as onsite and remote worker digital experience.


Boston, MA and Paris, France

Gilles Huguenin, CEO

Kadiska is a digital experience monitoring platform, an integrated network visibility platform, and an application monitoring solution that closes the APM / NPM visibility gap. Kadiska's mission is to help enterprises maximize business performance and productivity with self-driving user experience monitoring and guided performance optimization for modern networks, applications, and cloud services.