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The study of human medicine is an endless ocean of possibilities, most of which is explored in a lab.

Clinical laboratories all over the world follow very clear rules for research in their quest for drug discovery, customized medicine, and patient centric health care. To begin with, the methods and individual steps are difficult to put together in the form of one correlated process called a laboratory workflow. Having done this, healthcare professionals have already created the functional framework of the workflow. Ergo, why should they further struggle to translate these lab workflows into a digital medium? Needless to say, most healthcare professionals today, are at odds with the IT component when it comes to digitalization. It is perhaps too much to expect one side to know much about the other, but one professional does. Kainos Healthcare Solutions (KHS) started out working for one of the largest and fastest-growing laboratories in the U.S. for over 5 years. The company put together a number of different projects for them, at a level of perfection that other vendors were unable to. The founders at Kainos, J.Michael D. Woodard and Craig Ray, came from a software background and had seen many other industries in better shape than the healthcare space in terms of IT solutions delivered to customers. What started out as a simple idea to develop and leverage quality software to deliver better solutions, soon became a holistic expertise, providing labs with all the capabilities they need to purchase, deploy, document, manage and maintain any system they may need.

“We at Kainos Healthcare Solutions understand that time is your most precious resource and you need technology to work for you, not the other way around,” states J. Michael D. Woodard, the CEO at KHS.

The company notes that most home-built patient report systems are not dynamic and consume a substantial amount of resources and money to develop. KHS took this pitfall as an indicator of the industry’s current state and created its flagship product, Biblion, a reporting tool that is adaptable and eliminates the need for a development team. Biblion makes it easy for laboratory staff to go about their tests and create reports that are easy to read, aesthetically pleasing, and capable of producing results without the help of any IT staff. It is both dynamic and flexible enough to work for both startup labs but also for specialty clinical and pathological laboratories.

The product is cloud-based, with a service based component offered by KHS. Clients can contact KHS, tell them their needs, and they will create an organization account in Biblion. Then, clients can log into the system and start creating reports. Medical facilities can hand over Biblion-created reports to the providers and ultimately their patients where they have the freedom to add comments and set rules to be followed by patients for self-care.

We at Kainos Healthcare Solutions understand that time is your most precious resource and you need technology to work for you, not the other way around

Biblion will put the power in the laboratory’s and provider's hands without having to hire additional technical staff and also afford them the power to completely customize the style of reports to make them more user-friendly.

In addition to Biblion, KHS also offers consulting services to a number of its clients and partners. For its partners, the company performs laboratory system implementation of their solutions. The enterprise also performs administration of those same systems for its client's and helps them with workflow. Many organizations install software and build a workflow that, after a decade or so, become obsolete as the enterprise grows. The company then tries to keep the system and workflow the same way as before, thereby amplifying their workload while coping with the changing trends. At this point, KHS comes in, looks at the client workflow, and suggests additional changes, to help it grow with less pain.

In one instance, the organization once consulted with an enterprise named Advanced Urology Institute (AUI), which is situated in Florida. KHS worked with AUI's team and implemented its reporting system. The company adopted Kainos as their IT and laboratory team to perform their virtual admin work. Thus, as a consulting service, Kainos Healthcare Solutions can offer to be a member of its client's team and work on both the IT and laboratory side.

Since launching Biblion, KHS has developed an arsenal of products and is now planning their next. The organization also wishes to augment its partnerships to help them take better care of their customers. KHS is continually looking to not only enhance its offering but also to grow to the point that it can influence and change the way the healthcare industry thinks. As J. Michael says, "Today, the Healthcare industry is not moving at the pace it needs to be, and ideally, technology is the way we can help push it along." Thus, KHS plans to expand to the point where it can get people to listen to them and allow them to vet and utilize modern healthcare methods to further better patient care.

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J. Michael D. Woodard, Co-Founder & CEO and Craig Ray, Co-Founder

Kainos Healthcare Solutions noted that most home-built patient report systems are not very dynamic and consume a lot of money and resources to develop. To address this issue, the company is going to launch Biblion this year. Biblion is a versatile reporting tool that eliminates the need for a medical report development team. The reports made by Biblion are easy to read, user-friendly and can produce results without needing any IT staff. Biblion can be used by various labs like specialty clinical labs and pathological laboratories

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