Kaizen Technologies: A Complete Spectrum of Design and Manufacturing Services

Ashok Krish, CEO
Kaizen Technologies was born as a Product Solutions Company in the year 1995 and has made its forays into the entire gamut of IT spectrum spanning Staffing, Custom Software Development, Engineering Services and Strategic Outsourcing. Servicing the Aerospace Industry became the focal point of its Precision Manufacturing and off-shore/BPO services space.

The company derived its name from the Japanese word “Kaizen” meaning “Continuous Improvement”. Based on Six Sigma and lean manufacturing principles plus Risk Mitigation programs such as Dual sourcing and Stocking programs, the company strives to turn every challenge into an opportunity. Spearheaded by Ashok Krish, the firm caters on-site development services that enable implementation and monitoring of project management processes. This allows Kaizen Technologies to conduct testing and system integration in a completely controlled environment for aerospace.

Under general manufacturing the products include Pump parts, Shafts for different engineering applications, Fasteners for engineering applications and Packaging rings. Gas Turbines and Steam turbines and their intrinsic parts such as blades, vanes etc are produced along with system components.

The company carries a legacy of expert conversion of engineering drawings from 2D to 3D and even part drawing, AutoCAD drafts and more. The software development plan comprises of the work breakdown structure (tasks and time estimates for high-level and low-level design, design document reviews, coding, code reviews, test cases development, unit testing and integration testing), budgeting and cost estimates, communication protocols, key points of contact, risk assessment and planning, document control plan, quality assurance and test plan, and maintenance and support plan.

Kaizen Technologies makes use of a low-risk Global Delivery Model (GDM) to accelerate schedules with a high degree of time and cost predictability. “We want to help clients reduce costs of manufacturing as well as engineering design analysis.
Unlike the past when designs were made on sheets, we prepare digitized versions that have made it easier to dissect each area and decide how it will help the aircraft in a different way,” says Krish. In addition, the automation makes it easier for clients to analyze and work on the airplane parts depending on how efficient the aircraft ingredient will turn out to be. This ultimately helps clients condense the cost of the entire aerospace operation as each machine becomes much more lightweight, reducing the overall weight of the aircraft.

Kaizen Technologies specializes in the areas of engineering, systems integration/EAI, ERP functionality extension, business/data warehousing, sales force automation/CRM, middleware functionality templates, and custom application development for vertical markets including engineering and manufacturing, healthcare, pharmaceutical, telecommunications, and financial services.

The firm’s Technology Focused Practices (TFP) hovers around the private, public and government sectors including aerospace and defense markets. Each TFP has a team of seasoned professionals from various industry verticals in the fields of project management, business analysis, architecture, development, testing, training and sales. In order to build business and technical competency, Kaizen Technologies works with alliance partners like Microsoft, Oracle and IBM. In the aerospace and the manufacturing space, it caters to companies like Pratt & Whitney, GE Industrial, Honeywell, Airbus, Delphi and Hewlett-Packard.

The company is based in Edison, NJ, and has offices in India and Krish believes that Kaizen Technologies is well known in India as a firm that reaches out to help other firms rather than be helped. He says, “We help Indian manufacturing clients implement SAP for their production to bring efficiency in projects and seamless integration with their U.S. clients. Through this, the clients will see what is happening on a real time basis.”

The company’s vision is to be the preferred global technology, engineering and business solutions partner for its customers, and empower them by providing top solutions.

Kaizen Technologies

Edison, NJ

Ashok Krish, CEO

An Information Technology and Engineering Services company.