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Babu Krishnasamy, President and CEO All businesses want to be unique— be it small, medium or large, enterprises want to be different in their business model, and they want the same to reflect in the way they serve their customers. The ability to differentiate from the competition is often defined (wholly or in part) by a company's internal software resources that facilitate operations and workflows, including timely access to accurate information, sharing of information between departments, and eliminating redundant processes and data. These are just a few things that a well-built enterprise software solution must be able to do. In this scenario, simply picking up a software out of the box and implementing it will barely yield results. Enterprise software should cover operational processes, broad and deep. For many, the only way to achieve this is through customizing their existing platforms or building software from scratch that aligns with their unique business practices, workflows, and decision-making intelligence.

However, building custom software often entails big-billion dollar bills, forcing enterprises to settle for less. This is where Nashville-based Kanini Software Solutions makes a difference. A fail-safe partner and best-value service provider in agile software development, Kanini possesses the expertise in delivering the right software within a client's budget and time. "We develop custom software by bringing industry-best practices, deploying the right resources, and leveraging proper project management methodologies," says Babu Krishnasamy, the President and CEO of Kanini.

The "Kanini Model" of Agile Software Development

Since its inception in 2003, Kanini has vigorously tested several methodologies to figure out the best practices to develop custom software that can add more value to its customers. From the experience and expertise working with various clients for the past 16 years, Kanini identifies that agile software development serves the need with the right elements for custom software. The company uses the right combination of Scrum, Kanban, and traditional methods to help their customers align with the speed and quality necessitated in today's software development initiatives. With the Scrum methodology, Kanini builds software in a series of fixed-length sprints, giving stakeholders a regular and predictable release schedule. The company is recognized multiple times for its ability to deliver solutions within two weeks, dubbed, "the two-week sprint." Meanwhile, the Kanban methodology allows Kanini's team to use a continuous workflow where updates are released as soon as they are ready. This reduces wait time and bottlenecks in all ongoing works.

"We are recognized as the best-value agile software development services company in Nashville"

In order to incorporate Scrum and Kanban practices without interrupting the flow of work, Kanini also leverages DevOps methodology that automates release tasks and testing.

We develop custom software by bringing industry-best practices, deploying the right resources, and leveraging proper project management methodologies

It enhances agile practices by aligning IT operations with development. Kanini also uses a scaled agile framework (SAFe) to facilitate the seamless implementation of agile software development methods for large-scale programs. This allows the firm to collaborate across teams, synchronize releases, and engage senior leadership on strategy and organizational goals. Coupled with this, Kanini's approach that delivers work in small, usable increments promotes timely customer feedback and helps them respond quickly to changes.

The Process Underneath

When it comes to developing custom software for businesses, Kanini collaborates with the client's in-house IT teams, listens to their needs, and helps them build software that perfectly fits those requirements. It follows a collaborative model of developing software, where the company maintains a hand-in-hand relation with clients throughout the period of engagement. To facilitate interactions, Kanini deploys a team of experts, referred to as business analysts who are responsible for understanding customers' needs. These analysts serve as a contingent workforce for its clients, allowing them to eliminate the need for hiring additional full-time staff for conducting projects. It helps enterprises reduce their overall software development costs and glean custom software without the requirement of long-term commitments.

"Much like the unique nature of businesses, their needs and preferences will also differ," says Krishnasamy. Therefore, Kanini customizes the processes without going against fundamental aspects of the agile software development methodology. For example, some clients demand status reports every day, while others need reports once a week. Similarly, there are customers who are ready to collaborate with the development team on a daily basis to provide inputs, while others participate only once or twice a week. Kanini understands these differences in clients' preferences and tailors its practices from one project to another.

Unlike traditional waterfall software development processes, Kanini's agile methodology ensures that it creates and delivers a "useful" solution for its clients. The company helps clients to have a constant check on the development processes, allowing them to correct their team and eliminate the creation of useless or partially useful tools. This, coupled with Kanini's expertise, results in end products with 100 percent usability, compared to the traditional methodologies that often limit the usability of software to 50 percent.

Niche beyond Agile Software Development

As a software development company, Kanini has a broader niche beyond agile software development.
This includes cloud computing, data science, location intelligence, and ServiceNow. When it comes to cloud computing, the company leverages its expertise in Microsoft Azure to offer businesses with a comprehensive service portfolio that simplifies their journey to a cloud platform. Leveraging its consulting services, Kanini discovers the scope of the engagement, inventories the existing solutions' components, creates an architectural blueprint of the cloud solution, provides financial analysis, and crafts the implementation plan for its clients. The firm offers migration services where it helps clients to migrate their on-premise applications to the Microsoft Azure platform. Being a Microsoft Gold partner, Kanini also helps enterprises to architect and build new applications on the cloud platform.

Kanini's expertise in data science is attributed to its team's experience in "extract, transform, and load" (ETL) procedures. They work with various data sources, including ERP databases, mainframes, IoT devices, data warehouses, IT logs, NoSQL document stores, multimedia storage, and centralized/monolithic application databases, to extract, transform, and load data into big data platforms. Be it structured or unstructured data sources, the company has the potential to dig out data in-demand. The extracted data is then processed and fed to data storage platforms in such a way that it can be made available in the desirable format whenever needed. Kanini uses this data to run analytics with the help of additional technologies such as machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing, and artificial intelligence. In a nutshell, Kanini allows enterprises to get useful intelligence from structured and unstructured data and help them visualize that intelligence in a meaningful way to have a competitive advantage.

Furthermore, Kanini's location intelligence services allow its clients to gain meaningful insight from geospatial data. The firm helps enterprises collect, store, analyze, and visualize any data with a location description. From the beginning, Kanini has helped many businesses that are engaged in geospatial decision-making, to build complex geospatial applications that can automate their decision-making process or assist them in their day-to-day operations. The company is currently working with several government agencies and utility companies, helping them in various activities around geospatial decision-making.

Kanini also has expertise in configuring and customizing the ServiceNow platform for its clients—another factor that makes the company unique in its core focus on the Nashville market. "We are recognized as the best-value agile software development services company in Nashville," says Krishnasamy. Thanks to an expert team of 55 employees in the Nashville area who are supported by more than 200 software developers from India. The software development centers in Nashville and India, coupled with its dedicated team of experts, make Kanini a reliable option for large and medium-sized companies to develop custom software applications. On top of that, Kanini possesses the expertise of big companies that have resources on-shore and offshore along with the best development practices—all packed in the internal nimbleness and cost-effectiveness of a small company.

For the future, Kanini is planning to expand to other business verticals, including logistics, healthcare, manufacturing, and automobile in the Nashville market. "We aim to become the number one agile software development service provider," concludes Krishnasamy.


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Babu Krishnasamy, President and CEO

The company provides management and engineering talent with a passion for their client product. Their team listen, plan, and develop solutions to help them succeed. The company’s agile team delivers work in small, usable, increments. This approach to software development promotes timely customer feedback and helps the team respond quickly to change. The company helps to plan the service and delivery routes, streamline property and assets management, increase the efficiency of resources used and reduces negative environmental impacts. Extracting business intelligence from data through machine learning and advanced analytics. The company uses data science for monitoring and continuously improving your systems