Kanza Business Solutions: Simplifying Business Operations through Dynamics NAV

Greg Titus, President
As the business cycle fluctuates, the rationale for IT investments tends to vary. During an economic boom, IT is pressurized to support growth and accelerate performance whereas during recession, cost savings become the priority. “CIOs today are forced to devise IT cost-reduction strategies and do more with less to improve the productivity and efficiency of the organization,” says Greg Titus, President, Kanza Business Solutions. Moreover, breaking down the traditional organizational silos is also a crucial factor for driving innovation. The need of the hour is an integrated system that increases the visibility and accuracy of data for better decision-making, eliminating the data silos often in spreadsheets.

Catering to these business requirements through exceptional, customized business solutions is Overland Park, KS based Kanza Business Solutions. The firm combines accounting, business process analysis, and technical skills with years of experience to create strategic, tailored solutions to meet their customer’s business requirements. “We provide consulting services and implementations to help clients maximize their benefit from using Dynamics NAV,” Titus explains. Dynamics NAV helps organizations of all sizes simplify and streamline business processes, by rapidly adapting to unique business environments. The firm also develops IP to enhance functionality over what Microsoft already offers out of the box.

Having worked with clients across many industries over three decades, the company takes a consultative role with the clients, serving as their business partners and helping them achieve their business goals with Dynamics NAV. “We pay utmost attention to our client’s business challenges, their goals, and vision for the future. We are keen on leveraging our expertise and adapting our software to meet the customer’s business objectives, rather than making their business processes fit the software” says Titus. In one instance, a distribution company who primarily sells online direct to the consumer faced the challenge of competing efficiently in a consumer driven market. The client used disparate systems that were paper driven and time consuming.

By reintroducing Microsoft offerings to our clients, we empower them to understand the technology and improve business efficiency significantly

This process was error prone, with duplicate orders and outdated information in large spreadsheets. In order to solve the hindrance, Kanza worked with the company to integrate their e-commerce sites with Dynamics NAV for excellent inventory control and accurate order fulfillment. “We implemented Dynamics NAV to get rid of all the paper. As the orders come in, the system creates pick waves which are downloaded to the pickers within seconds using wearable computers with integrated barcode scanners. The software determines the most optimal picking method and directs the pickers to the right bin, which is scanned to ensure the correct item is picked, virtually eliminating picking errors. The software determines the optimal box size and displays an image on the packing station of what should go in the box so the packers know exactly what should be in the box, which virtually eliminates packing errors. The process brought in automation that was highly beneficial for the client,” explained Titus.

Being intently focused on customer satisfaction and business outcomes, Kanza has performed over 500 ERP implementations. “Over the years, Microsoft has invested heavily on innovation, with increased focus on the Dynamics product line. We prioritize on staying abreast with these technology trends,” Titus adds. “By reintroducing Microsoft offerings to our clients, we empower them to understand the technology and improve business efficiency significantly. With a strong belief in innovation, we hire the right people, have the right work culture, and inspire our clients to be innovative,” concludes Titus.

Kanza Business Solutions

Overland Park, KS

Greg Titus, President

A provider of consulting services and implementations to help clients gain added benefits from using Dynamics NAV

Kanza Business Solutions