Kaonsoft: Defining Cross Platform Functionality

CIO VendorTony Kim, CEO
n the digital age, the data is no more concentrated in one place; it’s spread across multiple platforms and devices—PCs, mobile phones, tablets, laptops and others. This prompts an array of new business functions that are possible. Potential enterprises are looking to incorporate enterprise data and applications into mobile devices for enhanced productivity, but with several mobile platforms such as iOS, Android and Windows, the issue lies in finding a cross platform that would help organizations design effective mobile enterprise apps.

Founded in 2011, Kaonsoft provides complete end-to-end solutions to build enterprise mobility applications across various platforms. “We provide enterprises a mobility platform that organizations can utilize, which would be able to form a mobile application fast with a low cost and no risk of IT failure,” says Tony Kim, CEO, Kaonsoft.

Kaonsoft’s agile mobile platform for enterprise, Meerue is designed run with Microsoft Cloud (Azure) and has a new Mobilizing-as-a-Service (MaaS) architecture, instead of taking the conventional approach to mobile app development, distribution and maintenance. It delivers a scalable enterprise mobile application in the shortest time possible. The end-to-end solution takes care of the entire enterprise data to the mobile devices without requiring any additional bloated framework, separate infrastructure, or proprietary tools.

We provide a mobility platform that any enterprise can utilize to build, deploy, and manage mobile apps lightening fast, with a low cost and virtually no risk

It allows the user to extend ERP, CRM, SCM and groupware into the mobile environment without being dependent on specific mobile devices, operating systems, developers and maintenance service providers.

The platform aids enterprise in building mobile application for all OS platforms with all advanced mobile features such as GPS, camera, offline, push notification and others in days instead of spending 3-6 months for one operating system, that are easy to maintain and deploy both locally and on cloud. “Mobilizing indicates the capitalizing of the core concept of the middle platform. Meerue basically enables the mobilizing of all the data sources that an organization wants to explore through a mobile device. So, instead of spending three months and going through the painful development cycle, organizations have this proven platform which they can connect and consume the enterprise data exposed to the mobile devices right away as the service all by configuration. No other product makes everything available at your fingertips with such ease, agility and scalability, as provided by Meerue,” claims Kim.

Kaonsoft differentiates itself by its competitive and agile approach. “We emphasize on onfigure-before-customize yet extendable, no vendor-lock, and open standard aspects in our platform,” says Kim. Since inception, the company’s best of the breed solutions are benefitting major players in the industry. For instance, a leading insurance provider was facing issues while analyzing their growth strategy. After implementing Kaonsoft’s solution Meerue, the company noticed a significant change, which helped them focus on increasing operational efficiency, mitigating risk, increase in productivity and save money. The reports provided by Meerue, helped the client with worker and customer management, integration with any enterprise or third party systems.

Moving forward, Kaonsoft aims to focus on the public sector like education, state and local government institutions where mass adoption of devices already happened or are happening. It plans to expand its business to enterprises while maintaining its core focus on the customer.


Palo Alto, CA

Tony Kim, CEO

End-to-end mobility technology solution company that provides an innovative software that build, deploy, and manage enterprise mobility applications