Karsun Solutions, LLC: Bringing New Technology And Business Strategies To Federal Government

CIO Vendor Staying ahead of the curve isn’t easy, and even the federal government bears the weight of that in the modern age. Implementing new technologies is costly and time consuming, and sticking to archaic solutions is a step backward. What is the workaround? Karsun Solutions is a medium helping the federal government in collaborating across organizational boundaries. Headquartered in Hendron, Virginia, Karsun was founded in 2009 by Sundar Vaidyanathan (Managing Partner) and Kartik Mecheri (Chief Architect). Through Karsun Innovation Center, the company adopts and prototypes new technology that’s cost and time effective, allowing government agencies to optimize business processes and modernize related systems. Their customers include Department of Homeland Security, General Services Administration, Department of Navy, Federal Aviation Administration, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, Lockheed Martin, Booz Allen, Accenture and more. Karsun Solutions is very meticulous, relying on bringing innovation in processes and technologies to implement some of its solutions. They have wide spectrum of services, some of which include enterprise IT strategy consulting, business process engineering, application development (Agile and DevOps), cloud solutions and business analytics. For its Business Process Improvement model, Karsun goes as far as engaging stakeholders and taking a closer look at the enterprise value chain to uncover overlooked opportunities. They achieve results through implementing process standardization and even rely on business intelligence to identify bottlenecks in their customers’ companies. Through acting as a small business utilizes a customer-centric approach to delivery engagements, Karsun truly goes above and beyond. The company maintains its competitive advantage through experience, versatility and innovation. There is well over a decade of collective experience that goes into their enterprise modernization work in the federal sector. They also have full-spectrum delivery that optimizes processes, modernizes information technology (IT), and fosters the adoption of changes. Karsun Solutions earns its business through giving end users access to actionable business intelligence
through big data processing, sharing information across agencies to improve operational efficiency and tightening the integration of development, maintenance, service, management and operations together to shorten cycle time. They see much of their traction from cost savings as well, which facilitates the accelerated adoption of cloud solutions. Some of the company’s best work has been done through the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), who commissioned Karsun to implement their Balanced Workforce Strategy system: a means of analyzing work and recommending sourcing decisions. It was also an effort to determine the appropriate balance of federal and contractor employees for any procurement within DHS. Through Microsoft technologies including Sharepoint Server, Infopath and SQL Server Reporting Services, Karsun designed the BWS system that allows for an in-depth analysis of statement of work for each procurement and provides a decision support on what can be outsourced to contractors and what should be performed by federal employees. This system encompassed automated role-based workflows for data entry, editing, review and electronic signature approvals. In short, Karsun Solutions helped the DHS realize its goal of establishing an advanced support system. Karsun credits its success to its innovation driven culture and its ability to navigate to through the delivery challenges to achieve the desired outcome. They utilize their innovation center for solving some of their customer base’s more unorthodox problems and experimenting the adoption of new processes/techniques such as DevOps and Gamification. They’ve established a road map to lead themselves further into success, which includes aspirations of becoming one of the premier service providers of enterprise modernization efforts for the federal government. They’ve set their sights on a $100 million figure for company revenues in the federal market as a long-term goal of ten years. To reach that goal, they have cherry picked customers segments along with a set of large business opportunities to pursue in the next couple of years. They have also made significant in-roads in terms of customer penetration by getting on targeted longterm multi year, multiple award contract vehicles such as IDIQ and BPAs. Operationally, they are getting ready to handle $100m+ contracts by initiating relevant certifications such as the CMMI, ISO, and DCAA audit. With its calculated business plans, there’s no doubt that Karsun Solutions will eventually become an industry leader in enterprise modernization.

Karsun Solutions

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