Katabat: Reimagining Customer Experience Management

Ray Peloso, President & CEO
Companies often prioritize improving touchpoints where customers interact with their offerings before deciding to purchase a product or service. Those touchpoints are critical, but the narrow focus results in an incomplete picture of the customer’s overall experience with the company. This siloed approach diverts attention from the bigger, more important picture: the customer’s end-to-end journey.

For instance, consider the implications of colliding sales pitch calls to banking customers for credit cards and loans. A customer receives a call at 10:00 a.m. from a bank executive to discuss new deals on his credit card. A few hours later, the customer receives another call from the same bank regarding his auto loan. The bank’s siloed system failed to identify that the credit card owner and the loan borrower are the same person and, as a result, the overall banking experience failed to leave a positive impression on the customer.

This is where Wilmington, DE-based Katabat™ makes an impact. Katabat breaks away from the old convention and obliterates siloed systems to deliver complete visibility across the customer journey. Providing a unified view of a customer’s end-to-end journey, Katabat not only empowers companies to enhance their customer experience and loyalty, but also provides robust controls to drive security, compliance, and revenue. Catering essentially to big banking institutions in its early years, Katabat has extended its offerings to various other segments today—mid-market banks, fintech firms, energy companies, and telecommunication companies.

Ray Peloso, president and CEO of Katabat, explains, that Katabat is able to provide a transformative customer experience by weaving together three critical elements. “First is the strategy engine that allows companies to design and execute their marketing or communication programs through a user-friendly, drag-and-drop module,” says Peloso. “Second is the workflow engine, which helps in streamlining the entire process—moving documents across all stakeholders, incorporating edits, receiving approvals, maintaining version controls, and providing audit trails. And lastly, these engines are integrated with an omnichannel communication platform to provide a unified environment to design, control, and engage with customers.”
Peloso notes that the latest version of the platform (version 8.1) comes with enhancements that include improved customer-centric workflows, two-way SMS mobile communication, and robust data warehousing solutions.

Katabat not only empowers companies to enhance their customer experience and loyalty, but also provides robust controls to drive security, compliance, and revenue

Katabat puts this unique customer experience management expertise into practice through their three solution offerings: Restore, Liberate, and Unite, each addressing different business problems. The Restore solution suite supports consumer debt collection, while the Liberate and Unite solutions cater to standardizing operations and providing multichannel campaign management, respectively.

The platform transforms businesses: Peloso narrates how Katabat was able to deliver a customer experience management solution for FlexiGroup, a provider of diversified financial services in Australia and New Zealand. Legacy infrastructure was limiting FlexiGroup’s strategic operations, making portfolio integrations expensive and time-consuming. Meanwhile, FlexiGroup’s network of 16,000 retail partners needed a strategic way to engage customers dynamically at the point of sale. Katabat provided FlexiGroup with a “cradle-to-grave” customer experience management platform that seamlessly unified customer, partner, and staff activities. FlexiGroup now manages the entire account lifecycle through the Katabat platform and uses its rules-driven controls to ensure regulatory compliance.

Peloso believes that Katabat’s appetite for innovation has been the greatest driver behind its growth. To this end, Katabat is presently working on integrating new tools and solution features, such as artificial intelligence capabilities. Katabat’s growth strategy includes expanding its unique customer experience management platform to additional industries and markets in the coming years.


Wilmington, DE

Ray Peloso, President & CEO

Katabat enables digital transformation with complete visibility across the consumer lending lifecycle