Kavi Associates: Intelligence Delivered- Unleash The Business Value Trapped In Your Data

Vijitha Kaduwela, Founder & CEO
Big data analytics has the power to transform businesses. The leaders in this transformation gain a competitive advantage, grow revenues, reduce operating costs, and manage risks by using analytics to unleash the business value trapped within their data assets. However, others keen in joining the leaders face challenges surrounding strategy, business and IT collaboration, technology choices, process maturity, delivery experience, and expertise. KaviAssociates, a boutique data analytics solutions company, helps its clients overcome these challenges.

Based in Barrington, IL, Kavi Associates offers consulting services that cover the full spectrum of data analytics, from strategy to implementation to support. As CEO Vijitha Kaduwela explains, "We help our clients make analytics a cornerstone of their corporate strategy.We work with them from the discovery of analytics needs to delivery of solutions.” Kavi’s strategic consulting practice develops plans of action for companies to lead with analytics. Their sample engagements include analytics competency acceleration, analytics roadmap development, and business case development and technology infrastructure assessments. During these engagements their senior consultants work with client’s business and IT leadership. “Our and consultants have many years of corporate experience and good balance of industry, technology, and functional expertise in areas such as sales, marketing, finance, risk and operations," says Kaduwela.

Kavi differentiates itself from others in terms of its people, who focus on creativity and innovation; it’s mature delivery capability that employs proven service accelerators to reduce project risks, speed up implementation and deliver value early; and their investment in R&D. Dedicated Kavi Labs are used for internal R&D and training while their clients have access to Kavi Labs for technology evaluations and proof-of-concepts. The services accelerators Kavi brings to the table include best practices, process frameworks, reference architectures and critical components such as data models, business rules engines, workf low engines, custom user interfaces for Big Data visualization and decision automation. Kavi’s advanced analytics capabilities include statistical analysis, forecasting, simulation, predictive modeling, and mathematical optimization. They work with several industry leading and open- source technologies.
In addition to custom solutions development, Kavi offers four solution foundations: Opsonatus,an analytical solution that improves the effectiveness marketing; Pretium, a pricing analytics soution; Conservo, an equipment repair maintenance analytics solution; and Approbatio, a supplier quality analytics solution. These solutions focus on the functional needs for analytics. "By design, our solutions are industry-agnostic. They give our clients a better starting point for leveraging analytics in their businesses," says Kaduwela. These solutions come with core data management, BI, and advanced analytics capabilities that are extendible and customizable. These solutions have a configurable web based user interface and a set of integration capabilities for interfacing with other systems or embedding them in business processes.

Kavi garners clients from a range of industries including transportation, healthcare, pharma, retail, higher education, banking, and state government, whose operational systems, information management infrastructure and business problems vary widely. For example, some of Kavi’s clients use analytics to reduce equipment maintenance expenditure, while others use analytics to track and optimize equipment utilization, to identify an optimal portfolio mix and formulate a growth strategy, to understand customer behavior and product profitability, or even to validate and address their data- quality issues. “With some of our strategic engagements in the commercial and industrial space, we are working on the analytics-of-the-future. The process of decision making as we know today is going to change dramatically,” says Kaduwela. One such engagement involves analyzing sensor data generated by intelligent assets to identify failure signatures using techniques such as predictive modeling and artificial intelligence. Once patterns leading to failures are identified, clients can automate the decision making process, using techniques such as complex event processing to monitor real-time data streams and take corrective action before costly in-service failures occur.

Going forward, Kaduwela plans to leverage his team's rich consulting experience and expertise in data management, business intelligence, and advanced analytics to refine their products and services offering and expand their portfolio with new solutions. This strategy will help them deliver incremental value to their clients, which is imperative to maintaining the competitive edge.

Kavi Associates

Barrington, IL

Vijitha Kaduwela, Founder & CEO

A boutique business analytics solutions company providing everything from strategy to implementation to support