Kaviva: Enabling Real-Time Healthcare Experience

Sean McDevitt, Chairman & CEO
The success of a well-orchestrated telemedicine equation hinges on the two most important variables—accessibility and personal accountability. Healthcare providers continue to seek powerful resources that would enable real-time consultation experience for patients from the comfort of their home and at the same time, allow the practitioners to get remote access to physiological readings. Kaviva is one distinctive player in the space that offers these capabilities and stands out of the crowd by facilitating the best communication possible between patients and healthcare providers through its secure and integrated cloud-based PaaS engagement solution. Derived from the combination of ancient Egyptian word, “Ka” meaning “soul”, and “Viva” meaning “life”, Kaviva was born out of the desire to make the world a healthier place by leveraging technology.

“We have unique clinical knowledge about the practitioner mindset; at the same time, our communication, data collection, information analysis, and algorithms are second to none,” states Sean McDevitt, Chairman and CEO of Kaviva. The company is uniquely qualified to accelerate growth in telemedicine due to its communication capabilities, which not only allow a healthcare professional to interact with their patients but also offer real-time physiological readings to the physician. Kaviva’s approach paves the way for more accurate medical diagnoses and tailored treatment prescription.

Their PaaS solution satisfies the clients’ desire to maintain a proactive and instantaneous connection with their patients, regardless of their geographic location. Kaviva uses the power of smartphones that offer imaging capabilities through the cameras and the ability to connect to devices like scales, blood pressure cuffs, and other medical instruments through Bluetooth. Practitioners also have at their disposal, longitudinal data—collected by Kaviva’s system—which can be used to more accurately diagnose, prescribe a treatment, and coordinate care.

Kaviva allows its clients to stay ahead in the competition with its highly scalable and customizable platform, creating an omnichannel outreach and engagement ecosystem. As a result, it helps close care gaps and accomplish improved health outcomes.
Kaviva’s solution also includes a robust monitoring and wellbeing program, with the focus on patient self-management to take ownership of treatment for their own health.

The HIPAA-compliant platform uses predictive analytics, behavioral science, and data-driven outreach methodologies, driving improvements to both revenue and costs. McDevitt substantiates the solution’s abilities with a scenario, where they supported a prominent hospital chain which was experiencing dramatic increases in penalties and outright healthcare costs due to impulsive congestive heart failure patients. With its custom algorithms for practitioners, Kaviva’s solution enabled notifying the practitioner through its alert system whenever a patient exhibited signs of congestive heart failure. The system achieved a drastic reduction of re-admissions into the emergency rooms, freeing up the emergency room space to treat other patients. It also helped reduce the penalties that the hospital had to pay under the Affordable Care Act. Kaviva also sees the opportunity to capture data that practitioners can use to correlate and forecast major health events.

With our system, all that a patient would need is a smart device, and it’s like they are face to face with their practitioner

Pushing each other and challenging oneself every day to achieve the best possible outcome for its customers, has been the key to Kaviva’s success as a team.The company aims to garner more customers and partners while it plans to inject artificial intelligence into its product. “With our system, all that a patient would need is a smart device, and it’s like they are face to face with their practitioner getting the best possible medical care,” adds McDevitt. With its exceptionally curious team having great insights into the industry, Kaviva promises to continue providing high-quality communication and treatment services.


League City, TX

Sean McDevitt, Chairman & CEO

Offers a precision-infused health engagement technology platform enabling high quality communication between patients and healthcare providers