Kaymera Technologies: Fortified Defense against Mobile Threat Vectors

Avi Rosen, CEO & Co-founder
The cyber threat landscape has evolved phenomenally with mobile devices becoming the most recent and possible target zone for any cyber breach malafide. “The hackers have transitioned from laptops and desktops and are now targeting mobile devices considering them to be the ultimate intelligence gathering tools offering easy access into tremendous confidential information,” reasons Avi Rosen, CEO and Co-founder, Kaymera Technologies. “To combat the growing mobile security threats, most organizations employ Mobile Device Management and some limited security tools that do not ensure complete protection against advanced intelligence gathering techniques. Most security tools enforce security by restriction while limiting the usability and productivity of the mobile phone,” remarks Rosen. Meeting the industry’s requirement is Kaymera Technologies that provides mobile threat defense solutions to enable government and commercial organizations to obtain optimal balance between ultimate functionality, productivity and security.

Kaymera Technologies’ comprehensive mobile enterprise security solution protects the organizations and its users from all kinds of mobile threats and advanced intelligence gathering techniques including the prevention of malware and communication interception attacks, data leakage and theft. “We ensure that even in the circumstances where our customer is a subject for communication interception, grants permission to a rogue application or is a victim of a Trojan attack, the data and communication channels remain safe,” states Rosen.

The firm believes an organization can be susceptible to attacks at various levels and deploys a unique mix of security mechanisms to address different security needs across the organizational structure. “One-size-fits-all security approach doesn’t work well as various organizational functions may face different levels of risk, and each require different level of security or completely different security mechanisms,” adds Rosen. All security mechanisms included in the company solution suite, follow a four-layered defense approach via a centralized management system. The Encryption layer, safeguards the enterprises from any communication, data at rest and data in motion interception, and completely secures all forms of communication (voice, data, messaging) from any sniffing and MiTM attacks, both passive and active.

Even in circumstances where our customer grants permission to a rogue application or is a victim of a Trojan attack, the data remains safe

The second layer of defense, the Protection layer, protects the device’s external available interfaces (WiFi, Cellular, USB, Bluetooth, NFC, Web, etc.) from any malicious misuse by filtering out advanced attacks using an embedded firewall to monitor and block any download or exploit attempt.

The third layer of defense, the Prevention layer, prevents any unauthorized attempts to access resources running on the operating system such as stored data or functions such as microphone, camera, location etc. The fourth layer of defense— the Detection layer, monitors detects and blocks any malicious code, app misbehavior, data interception and extraction attacks or any kind of anomalies on the device and the network the device is connected to.

Incorporating Kaymera Technologies’ proprietary vision and the defense line of approach is the firm’s flagship product Kaymera 360°. This unique suite of solutions enables the organizations to manage the risks and security posture of every device monitored along with usability within the organization, on premises or on the cloud, and aims at securing data-at-rest, protection against physical data extraction and securing all types of communication that include data, voice, messaging, email, and web. Kaymera 360° is a wholesome package that provides premium grade, flexible mobile security using three fully interoperable security components: (i) A hardened Android operating system installed on high end, off-the-shelf mobile devices, (ii) a Mobile Threat Defense mobile application (Android and iOS) designed to work in a corporate’s BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) environment and (iii) Secured landline communication hub to enable encrypted voice conversations between a landline phone and a secured mobile device (hardened or BYOD).

In the near future, Kaymera Technologies apart from widening its global market foothold is focused on building the next generation of products.

Kaymera Technologies

Herzelia, Israel

Avi Rosen, CEO & Co-founder

Delivering sophisticated mobile defense system to protect organizations, governments from all mobile security threats

Kaymera Technologies