KBC: Empowering the Digital Journey to Sustainability

Shigeyoshi Uehara, CEO Walton-on-Thames, Surrey
A foreboding future ahead of climate change compels business leaders to firmly reevaluate their business decisions as investors and key stakeholders proactively address environmental, social and governance (ESG) concerns. Organizations seeking to thwart any competition in the investment race need to urgently assess their impact on climate change and factor in sustainability into their business strategies as a high ESG score is what investors look for today. However, it is difficult to quantify ESG impact without a fixed standard for ESG ratings to compare against. As such, business leaders need expert consulting advice to navigate the complexities of an ESG strategy as well as modern digital technology capabilities to unlock the advantages of sustainability from these strategies.

Moving the needle on this road toward positive environmental impact through digital transformation is KBC, a digital enabler helping companies achieve operational excellence within the energy and chemical landscape. KBC’s Digital Energy Management System (DEMS) measures and optimizes clients’ greenhouse gas emissions while helping them keep their cost impact in mind. The company further provides a secure, cloud-based, operational excellence-as-a-service that can create a digital twin of any industrial plant to ensure all operations achieve their full potential while reducing energy usage and emissions. “We pair our software expertise with distinct consulting services to help companies devise a journey to achieve their sustainability goals of energy savings, emissions reductions, and decarbonization in Scope 1-3 areas,” says Shigeyoshi Uehara, CEO of KBC.

KBC operates as a subsidiary of Yokogawa Electric Corporation, a leading provider of industrial automation and test and measurement solutions, renowned for its mission to drive innovation to achieve a sustainable future. Yokogawa and KBC are deeply conscious about climate change, with a mutual goal to make the world a better place through decarbonization and a circular economy. With KBC fulfilling the technological and consulting needs of clients and Yokogawa providing automation, integration, maintenance, and sustainable services, their customers can leverage the KBC-Yokogawa value to implement their energy reduction strategy.

The Yokogawa-KBC solution has had an excellent industry reputation for significantly improving the operational efficiency of the energy industry for decades.
Based on performance improvement programs that they conducted and implemented for customers in the last four decades, Yokogawa-KBC was found to have an impressive track record of more than 400 million tons of carbon savings and over 28 billion USD in cost savings in the energy sphere alone.

As to the social element of ESG, Uehara draws attention to how some companies continue to view climate change as a corporate social responsibility issue. To that end, KBC supports and believes in a holistic and long-term approach where competitors can join hands to tackle the social issue.

With locations in all parts of the world, KBC and Yokogawa maintain a robust global network. As a result, both their existing and potential customers can benefit from the KBC-Yokogawa network in planning and implementing a sustainable ESG strategy.

Yokogawa and KBC are deeply conscious about climate change, with a mutual goal to make the world a better place through decarbonization and a circular economy

In partnership with government and the industry for net-zero emissions plans, Yokogawa-KBC manages many inter-industry collaborative study projects to achieve carbon neutrality in industrial complexes, with one such project in Goi, Ichihara gaining momentum. Through this project, Yokogawa along with KBC is laying the groundwork to achieve net zero carbon emissions for the entire industrial complex by 2050.

Building on Yokogawa’s strong foothold across the Asian market, KBC continues to offer its consulting and technology services to a wide customer base in Asia, including support for collaboration between the customers or industries within that network. In line with its goals to achieve net-zero emissions, KBC aims to continuously expand its capabilities as well as its knowledge and experience globally to help facilitate the transition to the circular economy, in turn making the world a better place for the future generation.


Walton-on-Thames, Surrey

Shigeyoshi Uehara, CEO Walton-on-Thames, Surrey

KBC, a Yokogawa Company, is all about excellence in the energy and chemical industry. KBC’s digital transformation solutions comprise leading software, expert services and best practices, powered by the cloud, to assure process operations achieve transformational outcomes. The company focuses on delivering sustainable autonomous operations in the energy transition for improved profitability, higher capital efficiency and reinforced license to operate. With over 40 years of operational excellence, KBC has naturally evolved into a leading digital transformation company. KBC brings a unique blend of digital technologies with a differentiated technical and management consulting capability extending into automation through its parent organization, Yokogawa.