KBSL Information Technologies: Best-in-Breed ICT Solutions for Increasing Efficiency

Silmy Ahamed, CEO
Not so long ago, various organizations in the communication industry were reluctant to adopt new technologies such as cloud and virtualization as a means to optimize their business processes. Enterprises were unwilling to store their company’s valuable information outside their premise due to security concerns. It was no different in the Sri Lankan business community, where the mindset of executives was limited to using only traditional business approaches. However, after the civil war organizations in the country have witnessed a great deal transformation with various enterprises adopting cloud and virtualized platforms to enhance their operations. At the center of this renaissance is Colombo, Sri Lanka based KBSL Information Technologies which is enabling organizations of all sizes to adopt and implement best-in-class business integrated solutions. KBSL was among the first companies to leverage the trend of hosted platforms and cloud based solutions in its country.

KBSL is a renowned and award winning partner of Avaya. “Through our partnership, which is 25 years old, we are providing resilient communication solutions to organizations that are aligned with latest technologies of today,” says Silmy Ahamed, CEO, KBSL. Currently KBSL leverages the dedicated Avaya certified solutions for designing, implementation and system supports, and application developments of Information Communication Technology (ICT) solutions. KBSL’s growth in the ICT landscape has been commendable. The company manages the entire spectrum of solution implementation; ranging from designing and delivering of the platform to providing end support to the customers. The Unified Communication (UC) platform provided by KBSL displays unique collaboration features, which includes voice, video, messaging, advanced reporting, and presence that increases productivity and business agility. Various Call Centers and major Telecommunication enterprises have knocked the doors of KBSL in an effort to find UC solutions that can optimize their businesses—and they are never left with dissatisfaction.With KBSL, these enterprises were able to bring their entire communication devices and modalities under one roof, controlling their infrastructure through one click.

The ICT solutions of the company provides a myriad of benefits to telecommunication enterprises such as Interactive Voice Response (IVR) application developments, Customer Relationship Management software,Knowledge management Solutions, Complaint management solutions, call accounting systems, and reporting platforms.
“We intend to expand our footprint in the networking vertical,” says Ahamed. “In this light, we are looking to build partnerships with telecommunication organizations to provide hosted communication platform especially in the areas of unified communication and contact center.”

We are providing resilient communication solutions to organizations that are aligned with latest technologies of today and always delivering on our promises

KBSL has rolled out various solutions in the Avaya landscape to various Contact Centers in the Banking and Finance sectors. The company’s ITIL compliance Service Desk is one such solution that has aided business leaders to do manage mission critical operations, Remote System Performance, and Network Traffic Utilization monitoring seamlessly. Earlier in Sri Lanka, various solutions with identical capabilities were only leveraged by the large enterprises. However, due to the growth of SMEs, and partnership of KBSL and Avaya, organizations of all sizes can now avail the benefits of innovative UC solutions with same enterprise level user experience. “Catering to the needs of SMEs is proving prolific for both Avaya and the Business community,” adds Ahamed. These enterprises are spread across India, and Maldives, and plans are underway to expand into India and Australia as well.

According to the CEO of the company, the driving force behind KBSL’s success is their eminently talented engineers who possess leading industry certifications and training in various technology fields. “We strive to hire and retain the best brains of our country to develop innovative and creative solutions to address our customer's business challenges,” says Ahamed.

KBSL Information Technologies

Colombo, Sri Lanka

Silmy Ahamed, CEO

KBSL's works involve designing, delivering and supporting integrated business solutions for several leading firms