KCP Dynamics: Delivering Cost-Efficient ERP Solutions

Gerry Kistler, CEO
Today, businesses in the enterprise resource planning (ERP) software market face a different set of challenges than those from a decade ago. With the big push for cloud-based solutions and the growing popularity of big data, the selection of ERP software and the choice of consultants and methods to deliver that solution are crucial factors in a company’s success. Fortunately, companies like KCP Dynamics understand the importance of these challenges and rise to face them with a unique sense of candor. “KCP goes above and beyond to craft specific solutions for clients rather than developing one-size-fits-all solutions for everyone,” states Gerry Kistler, CEO.

KCP Dynamics offers multiple products within the Microsoft Dynamics product suite, with Dynamics AX and Dynamics NAVserving mid-sized and enterprise ERP, and Dynamics CRM providing Contact Relationship Management. While many companies are forced to alter their clients’ business processes to fit an off-the-shelf software package, KCP utilizes the customizability of Dynamics NAV and Dynamics AX to tailor solutions fitting each ERP customer. Just as critical as solution fit, however, is a time to go-live. By prioritizing efficiency and agility of implementation, KCP ensures that the client’s ERP system helps, rather than hinders, their efforts to pursue business opportunities, many of which are time-sensitive.

Founded out of the frustration of a lack of ethics in the IT world, Mr. Kistler, and KCP Dynamics have set out to deliver cost-efficient ERP solutions to international and multinational clients. KCP has a global reach spanning every continent,with a local presence in countries including Brazil, Columbia, Panama, Spain, the Philippines, Canada, and the USA. Part of the KCP way is to help clients establish the scope of their solutions to get the job done right the first time. KCP customarily involves as much of their client’s team as possible to assure that the timelines for the implementation are reasonable, and costs are minimized. KCP Dynamics prides itself on its unique ability to optimize ERP functionality for clients’ unique processes.

However, for customers occupying niche industries or utilizing unique business processes, KCP has consultants with prodigious experience in many sectors, and forward-thinking system architects who can craft practical, seamless solutions to new challenges. Ultimately, this helps the client’s staff to strike a balance between leveraging industry-standard best practices and achieving practical innovation to enhance competitive advantage.

A pervasive phrase heard among the members of KCP is “Doing what is right–always”. While some firms focus purely on short-term “product orders”, KCP’s focus is on partnering with their clients for mutual, long-term success. KCP ensures the product and the individuals implementing it are the right fit for the present and the future to provide a return on investment for years to come. KCP takes care to staff the project with the right people and to keep the right people engaged from beginning through go-live. To that end, KCP also offers 24x7 post go-live technical support to over 2300 satisfied users across the globe.

KCP goes above and beyond to craft specific solutions for clients rather than developing onesize- fits-all solutions for everyone

KCP’s worldwide team of more than 200 experts have decades of experience with Microsoft Dynamics products. They consistently demonstrate a high balance of integrity, transparency, and highly effective communication with clients. To improve their client’s experience, KCP experts remain current with innovative technologies, such as mobile and cloud-based solutions. As the IT industry quickly and continuously evolves, KCP Dynamics is planning an expansion into Western Europe and Scandinavia, followed by Eastern Europe and the Pacific. Kistler quickly adds “As soon as we find any penguins that need an ERP system, we’ll head into Antarctica.” With KCP, the sky is the limit.

KCP Dynamics

Florida, U.S.

Gerry Kistler, CEO

KCP Dynamics is a Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Microsoft, Dynamics AX, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and business process consulting company specializing in multinational,and global software implementations.